Cover Your Walls With Sticky Note Pixel Art

Ever have a bare wall that is just begging to be covered? Well then consider using sticky notes to make your very own bit of pixel art.

Lasse Laursen, a resident of Tokyo, has put together a great guide on YouTube showing you how to do just that. By taking a picture of anything at all (he uses one of a pair of headphones) and putting that picture into photo editing software (he uses Gimp), you can convert the photo into the colour pallet of regularly available post-it notes. From there you just pixelate the image and get to sticking those sticky notes on your wall.

The whole placement process in the video took Lasse between seven and eight hours.

As the video begins with a time-lapse of the project, skip to 2:35 in the video if you want to skip to the start of the tutorial.


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