Crafty Team Fortress Players Make $10 Million By Valve

Over 400 "contributors and partners" have been paid over 10 million dollars by Valve ever since the company let fans start designing - and selling - Team Fortress 2 gear. In highlighting the sum, Valve pays particular attention to the users behind the recent Robotic Boogaloo update, which was made by around 60 fans and raked in over $US250,000.

Clearly, I am in the wrong line of work.

Team Fortress 2 [Valve]


    Are the convos on TF2 still about trading hats and stuff? Haven't played since they added that feature.

      "Haven't played since they added that feature."

      Why? Rarely if ever see people talk about hats during a match. Now if you went to a trade server you'd see it but... otherwise no, not really.

        My PC was shit. Have since made a gaming PC and it's like 11gb download with all the updates.

    I'd like to know how much Valve has made off this, if they're paying out $10 mil, how much money have they made off facilitating fan creations - essentially fans are paying Valve for the privilege.

      Valve built the game. People are essentially building small, non-gameplay related (for the most part) mods and getting paid for it.
      If you can get 25% of the sales for creating a hat, you're doing far better than you would than if you created a mod for almost any other game in existence.

      valve is basically the ebay of virtual hats. I don't see a problem with that.

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