Dad Rents Out Entire Cinema So Son Can Play Games On Big Screen

A Florida dad decided to give his son a 13th birthday to remember, so he rented out all of Jacksonville's historic Sun-Ray Cinema and told Jonah to invite some friends to play video games on a really big screen.

For just $300, Travis bought himself five hours of gaming time, as well as unlimited, pizza, popcorn and soft drink.

Jonah and his friends used wireless controllers to play Fallout 3, Skyrim, Minecraft, Halo, COD Black Ops II and Portal, to their heart's content, although they could only stomach about five minutes of Dead Space 2, because, well, Dead Space 2.

Daily of the Day's Nona Raybern adds:

And just in case you were thinking that Jonah must be extremely spoiled, let me just tell you something totally awesome that will make you think, “Man, that kid really deserved an awesome party.” Jonah has Type 1 Diabetes and regularly does fundraising events for the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation and The Walk To Cure Diabetes. A pretty cool kid that deserves a cool birthday party.

And many more.

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    Assuming we would assume this kid is spoiled is assuming we are all part of the asshole trolling association we commonly call internet forums. I am not also a 300$ party doesn't seem like much for a spoiled kid these days.

      When you assume you make an ass of you and me! I don't want to look like an ass.

      That's true my 7 year old cousin had her birthday at an advanced screening of dispicable me 2 and invited 24 friends, after adding food and ticket costs (as the friends families didn't want to help pay for their own child's food and were then abit annoyed that they too didn't get given a ticket) it all up cost about $1200 so I'd be happy with $300 for 5 hour gaming at the movies

    he used the opportunity to play on a cinema screen to play Minecraft? Cool of his dad to do that though. Lots of 18+ rated games for a 13 year old to be playing

      That's what I was thinking, too. Won't somebody PLEASE think of the children?!

      It is the parents responsibility to allow kids to play games they believe they are mature enough to play. The ESRB is only a guideline, so if the father believes his son is well adjusted enough to play these games and know the difference between shooting models vs shooting people, then there isn't an harm done.

      At least he didn't take him out to a firing range.

        You've never been to a shooting range have you. You don't shoot people there either!

        Really though, is it so wrong to teach someone to be responsible around fire arms?

    Good on him, i really hope he had a good birthday :) my sister has type 1 diabetes so i know how hard it is and he deserves every bit of that enjoyment, it also maybe a bit later but happy birthday Jonah!

    That is so cool! Happy birthday little dude, I'm jealous haha!

    $300 is what it costs to watch one movie with a few friends over here. So what a bargain!

    What a great dad. Good on him for taking the time to organise something like this.

    I used to work part-time as a projectionist (up until they went full digital about 2 years ago and sacked everyone) and we used to love doing this. We had to regularly come in in the middle of the night before big releases to watch the films and make sure they were all in order, but it was usually followed by a few rounds of Mario Kart or Halo on the VMAX screen. It was great fun.

    I'm sure the kids all really enjoyed themselves =3

    I got to play MW2 on a cinema screen on its launch, great idea but turning the screen horizontally was headache inducing!

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