Dark Souls' Great Grey Wolf Is Coming For Your Blood

Sif, a boss from Dark Souls, is looking mighty fine on this mighty fine poster by artist Gibbs Rainock, who you might remember is not new to the Dark Souls poster business.

You can buy this poster from Gibbs' Etsy page.

Dark Souls Poster - Great Grey Wolf Sif [Etsy]


    I went to buy one but it's US$60 with shipping for a poster. Bit steep plus wifey will murder me.

    Makes me bittersweet when Kotaku stops pointing out minimalist ip-ripped art and instead points out epic ip-ripped art.

    SIF! That son of a *****. Hes the reason i quit. I then came back 6 months later and realized he was actually pretty easy :(

    Ahhh sif...the reason I stopped playing dark souls. I tip my hat to you, its not often i give up on a boss fight.

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