David Hayter Snipes At Konami On Twitter

Wow! I guess David Hayter is really upset he won't be returning to the role of Snake for the next Metal Gear Solid game. Or maybe he's still participating in a long con with MGS creator Hideo Kojima? Check out what he just tweeted.

New Coke, of course, was Coca-Cola's failed attempt to change the formula that people loved. If Hayter is serious, it's one hell of a dig.

Then again, this is just the latest in what has been a long chain of Hayter trolling Kojima and crew on Twitter. Last week, he hinted that he'd be making an appearance at E3...

But then...

So, yeah. Is this part of one big Kojima-fuelled conspiracy? I say probably.


    orrrrrrrrrrrrr your just reading to much into it

      Or, with the way Kojima has worked in the past, maybe he's not reading into it enough...

      No, actually the theory is pretty spot on. Kojima is well known to troll the hell out of people.

    Bullshit. Absolute rubbish. It must be the language barrier or something.
    I don't give a shit about having Hollywood actors in my games. Kojima should go the Clint Eastwood directing method, and get no-bodies who can actually act.

    Hey guys, check out IMDB. Kiefer Sutherland's apparently voicing Ishmael in MGS V. Now why would they not list him as Big Boss? :justsaying:

      It's like on Shadow Moses where Sniper Wolf referred to him as 'Saladin'. Just another name he went by.
      It's definately official, he's voicing Snake. I'd be very surprised if Sutherland is in on the joke...

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    Wow Hayter sounds like a bit of a dick.
    Business is business. Its not like they broke a contract with him.

    No sympathy for someone who acts like a child.

      For a guy who has been outright sandbagged and none-to-subtly insulted by a number of close colleagues publicly (Avi Arad, Kojima, etc.), I'd say he's taking it pretty well.

        Im sure that Sutherland will do an awesome job with the acting, but this is really disappointing.

    The more I read about this, the more convinced I am that this is a total wool-over-the-eyes job from Kojima and Hayter.

    I might be wrong, of course, and I haven't yet figured out the loophole in their words, but to my mind, there's no way this isn't staged :)

      It is definitely staged. But the thing is, Keifer Sutherland probably IS playing Big Boss in MGS5. One thing Kojima clearly said in the video, is that due to Snakes age, he needed a character that portrayed that age well. Hayter is great, and will always be Snake, but Hayter was always Solid Snake.

      Me tinks: Hayter is still Solid Snake, and will still voice him in any games he appears in. But Keifer has been brought in to voice Big Boss moving forward.

      The only way this can be staged is this:

      Kojima stated the themes for Phantom Pain is Revenge (and Race) and so naturally this would point to the idea this game marks Big Boss foray into villain territory.

      David Hayter has no reason really to be angry given that video games are his side job. He's indicated as much before. So the sniping I think could be interpreted as him appearing in the game as Solid but acting as the protagonist against Big Boss, who will be established as the villain.

      It would take some retconning but that's the only way. Otherwise I think it would just make Hayter seem bitter.

    You have to remember there are two MGS games in developement MGS: Ground Zeroes and MGS5: The Phamtom Pain.... I guess David Hayter can voice in MGS: Ground Zeroes while "Jack Bauer" is voicing MGS5 since he is also doing mocaps for the game

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      No, this is not the case at all. This was already clarrified. Ground Zeroes was the working name, and has been confirmed as an in-game prequel to Phantom Pain. Sort of like the Virtuous Mission in MGS3. MGS 2 and MGS 3 both had a 'mission' or 'level' at the beginning of the game, that served as a prequel to the main game. Ground Zeroes is the MGS5 equivalent.

    ...is his Twitter avatar Kiefer Sutherland?

    Yea something is definitely up.
    If they are ever gonna put Naked Snake and Solid Snake in the same game, they would need to have a new person voice one of them right? And of course Hayter is gonna voice Solid instead of Naked. You can't announce two voice actors since that would give the plot away somewhat... so they had to resort to this.

    Makes sense right? I am almost convinced this is the case!

    Well, the way that Hayter is acting about it all seems very fake. It definitely seems staged. Especially the way that Kojima played on the whole "Who is playing Snake?" video. Also, the fact that Hayter has a pic of Keifer Sutherland as his avatar. Like come on.

    Ever since MGS5 was announced, it has been widely suspected that Keifer Sutherland was brought in to voice Big Boss, now that he is getting older (49), eventually it will lead to a game where we have both Big Boss AND Solid Snake together in, and you can't have David Hayter playing both of them. In MGS4, Big Boss is NOT played by Hayter.

    I don't see Big Boss as Solid Snake anyway, so I see no issue with this.


    One of the main points of MGS5 is Big Boss in a nine-year coma.
    C'mon, with 9 years of not chain-smoking cigars, getting electro-tortured every other Sunday, and growling "Metal Gear!?" in a puzzled manner, Big Boss's vocal chords have had time to recuperate so he doesn't sound like a gravel crusher.

    If you hark back to the end of MGS4, you'll remember that Richard Doyle voiced Big Boss. This was probably just to create some aural points of reference for that one scene, but he isn't all growly and stuff.

    Big Boss is starting to get on a bit, so Kojima has to start bringing in that vocal difference somewhere... And like I said, a nine-year coma is the perfect time to do that.

      People don't like change.....but since this is going to be for the next-gen systems...this is going to show off the Fox Engine in its full glory (PES 2014 is running the Fox Engine as well but it was designed for MGS). Like you said Bibs, the main premise is that Big Boss/Naked Snake has been in a 9 year coma (which explains the game between MGS: Ground Zeroes and MGS5). I'm guessing the first hour or so will be MGS: Ground Zeroes then you'll go into MGS5.

      So a 9 year coma...face bandaged up...makes some sense for "Jack Bauer" to voice and have facial mocaps done because to me it doesn't look like "normal" Snake.

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