DC Announces Plans For Choose-Your-Own-Adventure Digital Comics

When the big two introduced motion comics a few years back, everyone had a good laugh at how terrible they were. Tonight in New York, DC is fixing all that and taking it a step further with DC2 (aka Dynamic Content) and DC2 Multiverse technology, with the latter being a choose your adventure style of storytelling.

DC squared essentially overhauls the whole motion comics implementation, which generally lacked any polish. In some instances the publishers didn't even bother to hire more than one voice actor. Watchmen is the best worst example of all. What DC squared does is layer better graphics, sound effects and essentially teaches novices how to actually read comics. Batman '66 will be the first to showcase this tech later this year and will only be available on select books.

More importantly, the DC2 Multiverse technology actually allows the reader to go down a specific path of their own choosing. So, for instance, in the image way up top, the reader is presented with two different paths — one following the Joker and one following Harley. Which one do you choose? Whatever your heart tells you. You could, however, end up choosing the wrong path but you're then taken back to start over. Fun, right?

The launch of DC2 Multiverse is tied to the Batman: Arkham Origins video game, which comes out towards the end of the year. And like DC squared, the new tech won't be available across the board either. DC hasn't yet announced which mobile platforms either new technology will land on.

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    Pretty innovative, @dc. Nice work.

      Thanks man, it's not like I just spend my days refreshing day. I gots me a corporation to run. :P

        Have to say, I'm a bit disappointed that you haven't considered me for any work. But ultimately, I guess it's for the best. I now know what you think of my writing, and I have to say, I don't think too much of your subject matter :P

        PS: Superman is overpowered. Do something about that, pls

        Last edited 05/06/13 11:04 am

          Batman has the most friends of any loner I've ever met!

          Except mebbe Wolverine

            He feels alone but has awesome support from his allies.

          PS: Superman is overpowered. Do something about that, pls

          This, this, a thousand times this.

    Detective Comics Comics! XD

    so pick a path/choose your own adventure with better graphics? hardly innovative.
    tangential evolution maybe.

    I'd love to see DC make their own point and click adventure engine and drop a few one off games on it each year with some of the big stories. Even when I was a kid choose your own adventure seemed pretty lame.

    Hmmm, seems pretty cool, but I don't want too many mainstream comics with this, or it'll affect canon.

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