Deep Silver Planning To Resubmit A Modified Version Of Saints Row IV

Deep Silver Planning To Resubmit A Modified Version Of Saints Row IV

In the wake of news that the Australian Classification Board has refused classification of Saints Row IV, publisher Deep Silver has stated it plans to create a new version of the game and resubmit it to the classification board in the hope of attaining an MA15+ or R18+ rating here in Australia.

“Deep Silver can confirm that Saints Row IV was denied an age classification in Australia,” read a statement sent to Kotaku Australia. “Volition, the developer, are reworking some of the code to create a version of the game for this territory by removing the content which could cause offence without reducing the outlandish gameplay that Saints Row fans know and love. Saints Row IV has been awarded PEGI 18 and ESRB M ratings where fans can enjoy their time in Steelport as originally intended.”

We’re still waiting to see the Classfication Board’s report, so can’t speculate as to why the game was refused classification. We’ll hopefully get a hold of the report at some point tomorrow.


  • Screw that… they shouldn’t bloody have to!
    I’ll be getting it from the US Steam store… or Amazon… or anywhere else I can where it hasn’t been butchered!

    • I doubt it will be “butchered” as you put it. They’ll probably just remove any implications of whatever the “sexual violence” is, and maybe rename the drugs to something fictional.

      • I hope they don’t do that. I want them to maybe put a censor bar up similar the Muhammad southpark episode. I want them to make something that completely takes the piss out of the aus censorship in the saintsrow way.

        • Good one. There’s more humour in a deftly-placed black bar anyway. The bit in Jackass 3 where Chris Pontius his the ping pong ball with his old fella is another perfect example; I’n all for this approach.
          Although it does say “implied sexual violence” so maybe the really naughty stuff happens off-camera. There may not be much to censor but dialog and its context.

        • That would be fantastic. They could just replace the probe weapon with a censor bar…that you can then beat people to death with (seeing as that is ok).

  • yay, a watered down version of the game that will only further the cause of censorship in this country!

    personally I wish they’d just tell the ratings board to sod off and not release the game in this country, the ratings board aren’t game developers and they should get dick all say in the development of the game.

  • fuck they should of went straight to the review board before even thinking about modifing the game. thats exactly why left for dead 2 failed at the review board. Take the route that sega took with AvP2010, go in there with facts and evidence about how bullshit the rating was by comparing it to previous stuff that was let through without issue.

    By doing this, they are effectively giving up and bowing down to ACB.

  • So any truth to the rumour New Zealand is getting full version, that would still work in Au Right?

  • Just don’t bother releasing it in Australia at all since anyone who want this game will get the uncut versions through many of the alternative avenues. The only ones who’ll miss out are Australian retailers.

    • That’s just your opinion.
      I want this game, and I will still get this game, and I will get it through one of those Australian retailers.

      Sure, it partly depends on what exactly is going to be modified, but even then. 🙂

    • There are those of us who actually enjoy supporting the Australian game retail industry and try to avoid importing games.

      I would also wait to see the report and ascertain whether the depiction of “sexual violence” in this game us something you would want to support.

      Being a God of War fan since the first game, I’ve boycotted Ascension because of its misogynist trophy. Sometimes integrity trumps the need to consume. And let’s be honest, forums posts don’t count but your dollar does.

  • “…removing the content which could cause offence…”
    To whom is this going to cause offense exactly? It sure as shit isn’t going to be the gamers who would have bought it here and will now just import it instead or get an uncensored key from somewhere. It’s just to appease the conservative dick wads at the ACB who didn’t get the joke that Saints Row is meant to be a parody.

  • I would laugh so hard if they submit a version that is exactly the same and it gets through.

    • Hahaha I hope they do, submit two versions and say they are both different, but they are exactly the same as the original submission – I’d laugh and laugh, and cry because I fell out of my pram.

      • I just hope that they know what they have to censor, “implied sexual violence” and “drug use” means that they tone down the violence.

        How do the ACB actually classify games? Do they actually play video games or do the developers just send a document or video outlining what is in the game?

        • The developers are obliged to put everything they believe could be a problem for censors into a video, and they judge by that.

  • Who is still buying games in Australia?? With ozgameshop importing from the UK and amazon/steam from the US, all at least half the price, why do people continue to be ignorant and buy locally?

    • Mate your the one being ignorant here. Of course people still buy games from Aussie stores. People who want it day one do this, people not comfortable with purchasing online do this, parents unfamiliar with online shopping do this. Tell me what is ignorant about buying locally? I look forward to your response.

  • AAAAAAAAND, there it is, I just said to a mate we’d get a watered down kiddie version, and what happens we get a kiddie version, yay classification board, for thinking us adults aren’t capable to know what we can handle in a game in terms of how harsh it is, also WHY HAVE R18+ IF WE’RE GONNA GET A WATERED DOWN VERSION ANYWAY, *sigh* May as well call it MA15+ (Revised 7 Updated) in stead of R18+, SCREW THIS COUNTRY, I had to miss out on mortal kombat too now another one…, might ask a american friend to gift me it on steam and Ill pay him through paypal for it, f*** you CLASSIFICATION BOARD, like you’d guys know what every other adult can handle in a game yeah k.

  • The worst thing about this is it’ll be like the German version of Saints Row 2 and The Third, modding will become impossible because of the censoring (provided they actually do some sensoring). After the massive strides made in that department recently, this’ll mess it right up.

    Oh well, not that hard to get a UK or US serial nowadays.

  • Everyone who supported the watered down R18 initiative for the past 3 years has now gotten exactely what they deserve. For over a decade we fought for the removal of government oversight of legal entertainment. But a few years ago some of us got desperate and decided to compromise, freedom of choice was no longer the goal. An R rating, no matter the cost, was the new focus.

    And now its too late. Complain and you will be ignored. After all, no one is going to take you seriously when just 6 months ago you were grinning ear to ear with what they offered you.

  • Nice to see they are trying to get it into the country but this is stupid they shouldn’t have to we have a R18 rateing for a reason don’t we

  • Am I the only one assuming that Volition went too far and actually put in a rape scene for the shock factor? Anyone else? No?

    Okay then.

    • I’m waiting for the official statement instead of debating the conundrums of what if.

    • Well considering there is no rape scene I really don’t think they went too far.

  • To the interwebs! To find alternate solutions to the draconian restrictions of Australia! That limit the online sellers like Steam and Amazon! But not the much maligned, educated, mature, mentally stable, Australian video game consumer!

  • So in the end, we’re still all going to either import or pirate these games anyway. I thought we were trying to avoid that with the R18+ rating. That “+” doesn’t mean shit at the moment. We’re all children in their eyes.

  • If it’s as simple as removing an interactive rape scene or “snort cocaine go faster” boost (changing it to snort ‘nocaine’), I don’t see what the problem is.

    Everyone should wait until the details have been released.

  • includes interactive, visual depictions of implied sexual violence which are not justified by context

    I could be wrong (and I know I going to be down voted for saying this) this shows the guidelines are being followed.

    If I remember correctly, this kind of banning applies to all media even movies. So it is not a problem with the R18+ rating for games. This is a limitation from the classification code that underpins the rating system.

    This is just proof that those who claimed that the flood gates will open never would happen. Just take a peek at the national classification guidelines and you should see that there are something that will never pass even if we went as far as an X rating.

    • But…but…if I can’t play “Realistic Knife-Point Rape and Murder Simulator 3” then the government is censoring me!

      Or something.

      • Ironically, out of those two, the murder simulator would probably get through with an R rating and the rape game would be banned.

  • Not really looking forward to this, but if I want it I’ll just import it. I Still think SR2 was better than SR3 anyhow.

  • this is crap the game was meant for people over 18 it was not meant for kids i mean whats the point of and R18+ rating if they dont use and gta 5 better not be banned or it will F*** you classification board and ill just import both SR4 and GTA 5

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