Don't Steal That Xbox One

Stephen's at the annual Wedbush E3 party, and on display is an Xbox One, Kinect and controller, just sitting there, out in the open. As though someone could just walk by and...

...oh. Hi.


    DRM so bad that its not even worth the effort of stealing

    There was a PS4 there too, but that's already been stolen.

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    It's an Xbox One. People wouldn't even steal one, let alone buy it. (Too soon?)

    Good Journalism there Kotaku. None bias and objective as fuck

      Why..because they mentioned stealing an Xbox One? Or is that directed at other articles where they bad mouth Microsofts blatant money grabbing EVERY other gaming media outlet right now?

      i believe he's pointing out theres a guard standing next to it that he didnt notice

    No point stealing it. After 24 hours of not calling home, Kinect awakens, picks up the console, and runs back to Microsoft.

      it doesn't need to run it back to microsoft, it has you on film, it is in your life, expect men in black at your doorstep in the near future.

        It's better than Asians losing your credit card details and having no online access for a month, oh how people forget so easily

          There's a difference between "losing" and " having it stolen".

    probably a guard standing next to it that wasnt shown.

    bloody hell kotaku, in one of your OWN articles it shows that its actually behind glass.

    just a trick of the camera

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