Don't Update Your PS3 Today!

As of, oh, right now, there should be a prompt on your PS3 asking you to upgrade to 4.45. Whatever you do, don't accept it. Not yet, anyway.

We've started getting reports from readers that the update is bricking their system, locking their consoles on the boot-up "ribbon" screen, and a thread on Sony's official forums shows the issue is far from isolated.

It's obviously not locking up everyone's console, but there are enough already affected that you won't want to roll the dice.

Problem after update to 4.45 [Sony, thanks everyone who sent this in. Sorry about your PS3s :( ]


    Thank you for this advice. As a fairly new PS3 owner I would have accepted the updated without much thought.

      Thanks playstationTaku I won't turn my gs3 on today... actually it's been turned off for almost a year but hey this firmware update bricking is a common thing for psn good to know I won't be buying a ps4 when they first release just in case or the online goes down for 24 days and they have to offer me free launch games as compensation

        'Firmware update bricking is a common thing for psn'

        What a load of shit. update has never bricked my ps3 since I got it in 2007.

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        Do you have any proof to back up this claim?

      Ive had no issues, the only people I know who have had this issue are friends who have changed the HDD of the PS3.

    Seems like the issue is specifically linked to systems with upgraded/replaced HDDs. If you've installed your own, be extra careful!

    Wow, Sony's not having a good time with the updates right now huh?

    Oh wow, I actually did this update but had no problems. Hoping it gets fixed soon for those who did experience it.

    Cheers for the post, will hold off updating.

    When did this go live? My PS+ does the updates about 4am each morning, so I hope it hasn't already gone ahead and done it...

      I'm thinking it probably hasn't hit Australia yet. I hope.

      Don't worry, the update was later but it wouldn't matter, auto updates will download it BUT you still have to initiate the install, you have to re-accept the Terms & Conditions of the firmware, etc

    Too late - I already updated though thankfully everything ok here. Still with the stock HD, though have been thinking of changing it out.

    Thanks for the post, I'm using an upgraded HDD on an older console so lucky I didn't update

    It only affects those who have installed a custom HDD.

    wanst gonna update it anyhow, waiting for GTAV and Kingdom heats 1.5 before i update again

    Mine bricks every time I update it no matter what, I think the SSD in it just sucks, but yeah. I usually have to reformat and pop all of my saved data back on, but the system updates properally. So there's always that.

      Physically impossible for EVERY update to brick ur console unless u have banged ur console around and ruined it.

        Wow, you're like a living, breathing parody of a 13 year old gamer.

        Not everything has to be a competition. Nothing about this article has anything to do with the Xbox. Calm down there.

          Ahaha im 21 and im trolling. Just wanted to troll someone so chose u, it isnt as fun to troll anymore :(

        The direct opposite of an 'XBOX FANBOY!!'. I'm running a vertex SSD in it, which bricks every time I update. It's not the PS3's fault, as it doesn't brick on the original 60GB HDD. So it's a fault with the SSD and possibly how the file structure is setup on it.

    So this is a coincidental story. I was in the process of backing up my stock HDD onto an external hard drive, so I could replace the HDD with a bigger one. At 80%, the operation failed, and immediately prompted me to update my system. I did and haven't had any issues. Had the operation gone smoothly, I would've swapped out the hard drive and probably had a bricked PS3 on my hands.

    I'm now in the process of re doing my back up, but I certainly won't be swapping the HDD out until this is resolved.

    Ugh, is this a joke! my PS IS A BRICK! There better be a fix, ASAP! or I'm moving to Xbox. I'd rather have an Xbone than be BONED by PS!

    Typical Sony.

      Atleast the PS3 isnt:
      *flooded with advertising.
      *constantly disconnected from PSN
      *Wiping data when updating.

      Plus when I had an Xbox 360 I can remember 2 or 3 System updates that rendered the system unplayable, and I have never ever been effected from game breaking updates or Bad System Updates. Whats the coincidence that the first time I experience those sorta issue are on an Xbox 360, and havent had any issues since getting the PS3

      Since getting rid of the 360, i have heard of atleast another 2 updates that rendered the system unplayable.

      Xbox fanboys, stupid as usual with words that cant be backed up.
      Yh PS3 had the Network Outtage, but atleast Sony gave us a few things in return.
      If it were Microsoft, they would have continued Charging ur Xbox Live Subscription, then find a way to treat us like banks, probs by having a "Special" sale where games are only 5-10% off.

        I've heard this rant before... Denial
        Buddy I own several Psps and Sony persistently release botched firmware for it forever so generally speaking getting CFw was always better... As for Xbox live it has never been offline for more than 24 hours let alone Psn being down for 24 days!! shut your mouth you piece of shit

          Butcha why so serious man?

          I've never once experienced an outage on 360 in the past 5 years. Not saying it hasn't happened, but any update or whatever, it is very smooth.

          Last edited 20/06/13 9:25 am

          Im a peice of shit, ahaha fukn mad. Ill get stuck to ur shoe so i can spread myself on ur Bedroom carpet.

          When Microsoft released the "New Xbox Live Experience" i was offline for a 3 days with no fix. Some people needed an extra fix cause the patch that was supposed to work didnt work on everyones Xbox's.

          Their is not a single real PS user that thinks about the PSN outtage, cause Sony gave us free games buddy, apologized even thought it wasnt Sonys fault and hired the dude that hacked them to help improve their Network Security and pays him to this day as one of their top security experts, with some extra training ofcoarse.

          You can keep throwing insults at me all you want, cause all it does is prove that ur a pathetic excuse for a human that u have to try to win an argument by insulting me at the end of ur comment. But thats a typical Xbox Fanboy, im use to it, I did have an Xbox once.

          Oh man, its funny listening to Xbox fanboys, they forget about all the negetives about the 360 and only state the positives.

          Im a PS3 fanboy, and Im not afraid to say the Dualshock 3 needs improvements, or that we get about 2 updates a year that brick a very small percentage of PS3's, or that the Console can freeze on a rare occasion but I dont care cause I know that Sony treats me as a Person and Gamer, and never do i feel like im being treated like a wallet.

          Bye bye, and Ill see ya next time on the bottom of ur shoe and smudge accross ur carpet.

      Meh. These things happen. No software is safe from the occasional botched update, I'm afraid.

    Has this update hit Australia yet? I have a custom hard drive, and like Braaains, my PS3 will have done an auto-update this morning

      read oggops reply, you should have noticed this with the last updates, you still need to install it.

      Seems to have only been put up late this morning/early this afternoon. Luckily, auto update only downloads the data for the firmware, it won't actually install it unless you initiate the install process yourself.

      My PS3 was connected to PSN this morning (My son discovered Skylanders on the weekend), so I assume the 4.45 update (and issues) is local to Nth.America at this time?

      Can anyone confirm if Sony EU has rolled this update out yet? Would it not be smart for them to hold off for now?

    Been 2 and a half years since I updated my PS3. Im not game to plug it back into the internet for fear it may break my internet.

    is there a fix? if not will my system be replaced my sony?

    ummm, how am I going to even fix this with an update if my PS is a brick? :\

    Just read on engadget that, "it appears" that the update has been pulled however no official word from Sony.

    Update has been pulled and rolled back to 4.41.

    Just keep checking the PS Blogs and Twitter feeds for if/when the update has been resolved.

    Thanks for the heads up. This is one thing that concerns me about the next generation's streaming update system. If we use it, and something like this happens, it'll be more than a simple matter of telling people not to update their system...

    Hello. :)

    i have a 320gb but its stock so should i be fine to update this? :)

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