Double Fine's Second Kickstarter Is Also A Huge Success

The first time Tim Schafer's Double Fine studio went on Kickstarter, it broke records. The second time? They're still printing money. Well, printing donations.

Having asked for $US725,000 to complete the company's second Kickstarter game, strategy title Massive Chalice, it has passed the required total with over three weeks to spare.

The game's campaign page doesn't list specific stretch goals — extra content added to the game as extra money comes in — but Double Fine does say "the game’s scope will grow based on the amount of total backing we receive".

Massive Chalice [Kickstarter]


    Is it a bad idea to add content depending on how much money ends up being pledged? It seems like a sure-fire way for money to get wasted and for development to become directionless.

      I'd say they have already worked out how much money/time is needed to make the initial project. The extra added would just be a bonus but I guess then, the game could run the risk of becoming bloated and filled with unnecessary content.

      Also I think Double Fine is pretty transparent with what money is used on so there is a fair bit of trust established with them.

      It depends what stage of production the game is currently at. Adding new content into a complete and well-rounded concept is a sure-fire ticket to redundancy. But having an idea of the scope of the project before putting pen to paper is a different matter.

      Double Fine are a pretty successful company and I'm sure they would budget, time and money-wise, anything they add in.
      Some of those add ons might just be enhancing parts of the game like graphics, voice acting etc, or adding in other languages
      I would expect anything else they add would be things they wanted to do, but had to simplify or cut due to the amount of money they wanted for the basic game and can expand if they get more.
      With how much they asked for what became Broken Age vs what they ended up with, there is a lot you can do to expand on the game.

      The focus for this game seems to be a slightly different development model, where the backer community can contribute design ideas. So basically, how the extra funds are spent is based on feedback from backers on how they want it spent.

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