Download Multiplayer Or Singleplayer First For Games Bought On PS4

This morning Sony put up this video showing off the PlayStation 4's interface. If you can tune out the fake gamers and their overreactions, it offers a few interesting tidbits of what life will be like with it.

The big deal would seem to be the option to download a game's multiplayer or its singleplayer component first. The example shown is for Killzone: Shadow Fall, so we could assume Sony titles will take advantage of this feature, and it will be left up to other publishers if they want to split things out.

There's a whole bunch of social networking stuff that hardcore gamers may not care for, but whatever, it's there. The share button is featured as well. It also looks like you can purchase games from a mobile web page or app and have them download to your console, in case your impulse buying habits really need that.

Perhaps the most unrealistic part of this video is that an attractive woman used her own picture for her PSN avatar. Or that she didn't turn out to be a man.


    This will no doubt be a major win for the COD community. That's no slight against them, I just know a HELL of a lot of them who never touch the SP campain and only ever go MP.

      A major win for me too, since I'd ONLY install the single-player. (Just like I did for all the CoD games. As a bonus, Steam already separates them on PC, so you can choose which you prefer - it's a good thing.)

        It'd be interesting if they actually sold them separately. So if you know you were never going to play the single player (or multiplayer) then you could buy the part you wanted for a bit less.

        I went off COD years ago in favour of Battlefield, but if I could buy, say, just the Zombies mode fairly cheap then I'd consider that.

          No idea where I heard from but I remember hearing that at one point it was an option they'd considered, guess it fell through. It would be great if they did though; I'd still buy the whole game as I love both campaign and multiplayer but I know a lot of people who haven't touched campaign and never would. Now THAT would be a major win for the COD community.

        Steam seperates them? Sweet!

          I know they do for MW3, I think they did for MW2, and I don't know about BLOPS because I didn't buy it.

      I wouldn't call it a win; you're still buying and downloading the whole game, you just get to choose which component of it downloads first.

        I guess how much of a win you consider it depends on how fast your Internet is and how long you mind waiting from purchase to play. :)

        Babysteps, soon hopefully Acti starts selling the components by themselves. Like Transient I only truly play Single player but I do dabble in zombies. I'd love to just be able to purchase those parts seperately.

    WTF. Seriously. Why is this ONLY being reported today? This interface video was shown after the Sony Live stream at the E3 press conference........

      This morning Sony put up this video showing off the PlayStation 4′s interface.

    So that guy is living in a garden shed but can still afford to buy a PS4?

    Time to get your priorities straight, son.

      It's obviously his man cave.

        Reminded me of a shanty from Max Payne 3... just imagined him kicking down the door as bullets teared through the place.

      He has to give off that cool hipster vibe though, you know.. "I live in a shithole because I choose too" type deal >_>

    Of course no on eis going to buy games online with the PS4 because they contain DRM and can't be given to friends and traded in.


        Are you requiring as to my disposition on the matter at hand? If so I can confirmed that I am indeed mad, my anger knows no bounds, my rage burns like a thousand suns.

      Wait, like no one buys games online for current gen consoles? (State of Decay sold over 500,000 copies in two weeks on XBLA)

      edit: I have a sneaking suspicion you were being sarcastic...

      Last edited 20/06/13 3:58 pm

        I would have thought after the media roasting people have MS over DRM, people would be rejecting DRM in any form. Surely no one is interested in buying a game digitally that comes saddled with abhorrent, draconian DRM.

          People were roasting MS over stupid DRM, not just DRM in general.

          Steam DRM = Good. One-time activation. Has offline mode. Microsoft DRM = Bad. Daily check-in. No offline possible if check-in fails.

          It's not difficult to see the difference.

            I know the difference. That's the point I'm trying to make. If I had a dollar every time I read "PS4 has no DRM" this last week I'd ... I'd ... well I'd be a thousandaire alright

    hrmm looks like a Vita interface but a little more revamp?

    hopefully the split download facility can be used for more than just SP/MP and you can download games in chapters.

    "Dude, I don't got that!"

    Is that bad script writing or an accurate example of what the English language has been reduced to?

    I'm really disappointed with how the new interface looks. I am a big fan of the XMB. I understand that they need to have a new interface to be seen as moving forward, but I'm still sad :(

    I am pretty certain the reason that the real face profile picture is there is because they would have it linked to facebook or something of the sort, notice the real names up top with usernames underneath? I am guessing only friends would actually see uour real name and photo. Which is kind of cool.

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