E3 2013: Expectations, Hopes, Reality...

I'm headed over to E3 this year alongside our tech/video/design maestro Ben White so expect posts, hands-on, interviews and also some local video content during this year's E3. Just to kick things off and to whet everyone's appetite we thought we'd just put some of our early thoughts down on camera. What are our expectations and hopes for E3, and how do they stack up against what we think will actually happen?

But in the lead up to the conferences, the announcement and the games — what are your expectations? What are you hoping to see?

I'm holding out for something exciting for the Xbox One, a reason to forget all the hullaballoo surrounding its always on/trading/sharing policies (not that we necessarily should forget. I'm looking for a 3D Mario and maybe even something completely new from Nintendo (this fits firmly in the 'hopes' category). As for Sony? Well I sort of feel as though its show might be short on surprises, but I expect we'll have at least one barnstorming title announced for the PS4, and maybe some concrete pricing details. Hopefully.

Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

We'll also be liveblogging all the major conferences so stay tuned for that!

Thanks to James Flamestar for the music. You can check out more of his stuff here!


    The man is serious about his sandwiches.

      Also I'm keen to see content from Dark Souls II, The Witcher 3 (although I heard its a close screening for journos only), cyber punk 2077, South Park Stick of Truth, ES MMO & The Wolf Among Us.

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    Last Guardian, Versus XIII and Yakuza 5. I think that'd set me for life

    Pokemon X/Y, Virtual Console N64/GC releases, Ace Attorney 5, Wildstar, Uncharted 4, Final Fantasy. Basically if it has that somewhere in the title then consider my ears open

    Edit: Screw flood control, I want to post.

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    I hope that several game companies have secretly been building worlds that I want to visit. I really want some new immersive experiences.

    Just realized that I had never heard a Scotsman say Nintendo. My life perspective has changed forever. Looking forward to the coverage guys!

      My friend met some Canadians once, and the way they said it was more like "nint 'n' dough". Weirdos.

    Not to start a whole thread on this again, but I really don't care what Microsoft show at their conference. They could have the most amazing games ever conceived of, and I don't think I'd be comfortable supporting them, either rhetorically, or financially, in their endeavour to strip consumer rights.

    As for Sony, I'd love to see games, games, games. And a box, I guess. But really, Killzone doesn't do anything for me. What I want to see is games of the same class as Journey, or Walking Dead. Short, intense, groundbreaking experiences, which leverage emotional understandings and concerns of their audience in the same way Game of Thrones does.

    As for Nintendo, what I just said for Sony, but about four times as much. If they want to be competitive in the next two years, they'll need to dramatically augment their lineup. That's it, that's all they can do. Gimmicks just won't push them any further, I think.

    But I'm honestly much more excited just to see what new independent or unaffiliated developers come up with. What comes out of Paradox, Square Enix, Ubisoft, the smaller indies, etc, I think will be the best part of E3 2013 ^_^

    Can't wait! Will Kotaku have a live stream going?

    Sony - I wanna see the box. I wanna see them confirm there is no terrible nightmarish diarrhea DRM. I wanna see the games they will have ready for launch. I have great hopes for Sony.

    Nintendo. Show me Wind Waker HD in action. Show me a new 3D Mario that is somehow more fun than Galaxy. I'm expecting them to phone it in with Mario Kart. I don't think we'll see any info on a new Zelda WiiU title this year. Show me 3rd parties making unique games for WiiU and 3DS.

    Microsoft. I want them to confirm that the Xbone controller will work on PC whether it's wired or via a wireless dongle. I don't care about the Xbone itself though. I might be sad if they announce a new Banjo Kazooie exclusive for the thing but that's not enough to make me buy one.

    Hopefully Sony will announce a new Lemmings game as a launch title for the PS4.

    Every Day i wait for Kingdom Hearts 3 annoucement, every day i go to bed dissapointed, maybe Square Enix will annnounce Kingdom Hearts 3 at E3 2013 or at TGS 2013

    Obviously they haven't been following Nintendo Directs, because we know we're gonna see new 3D Mario, Mario Kart, Super Smash Bros, Zelda, and Retro's game. There's plenty to be excited about.

    Considering all the big three have already blown their loads with revealing their latest consoles, I want games.

    Seriously, Watch Dogs was the only thing that blew my mind last E3 and to tell you the truth I am nowhere near as excited about it as some.

    *Edit* I suppose some new stuff about known games is okay where there's been so little to show yet, like Last Guardian et. al.

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    That's the first Kotaku AU video I've actually watched. We need moar!

    What I'm looking forward to the most is EA's conference. I want to see more of NFS Rivals, and I think it's likely they'll show off Mirror's Edge 2. The other things I'm interested in are seeing some Dying Light gameplay and seeing the MS conference.

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      Dude, the Oculus Rift video. Ben did an awesome job with that...

        I know! I was going to watch it, but I keep forgetting... Pretty lame story, I know. :(

    I have high expectations for Sony delivering the real goodies with the PS4.

    If anyone bothered to watch all two hours of the PS4 reveal, you know that Sony is focused on gamers and game developers. They didn't dumb down the presentation, they talked real technology and what effect it will have.

    If you watched the XBox One reveal, you know that Microsoft is focused on its "business partners". They don't need mere 'customers'. Their presentation was all vague marketing-speak.

    Also, I hope Nintendo surprises me. I wish them well.

    Ah! I thought I recognised Flamestar's work in there, good choice of background music!

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