E3 Swag Is Already All Over EBay

E3 Swag Is Already All Over EBay

Most professional press attending E3 avoid “swag”. It’s unprofessional (plus it’s usually tacky anyways!). For many fansites and retail reps, though, E3 is as much about the race to collect free t-shirts as it is to play some new games. For some of those, it’s then also a race to get the crap up on eBay to try and make a buck.

As eBay searches will already how you, scalpers are already trying to offload all kinds of promo gear they grabbed from the showroom floor, whether it be t-shirts, figures or cheap promo facemasks.

Game Sniped has a good rundown of some of the “highlights” currently up for bidding. I won’t link to the auctions individually here, but let’s just say that if you’re paying $US200 for a Nintendo coin, you’re getting ripped off.

E3 Material [Game Sniped]


  • 20 bucks for a Lego Lex Luthor, pffft, I got one of those for free when I got Lego Batman 2.

  • My favourite part of the Luigi coin is the ads on eBay are literally the same coin, with better picture for way less.

    Makes me think PAX might be the time to score some easy money off some chumps

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