EA's E3 Conference Liveblog

Alright we're back! Who's still awake? Let's do this. [falls asleep]

5.51: Man, the only reason I'm doing this is because I want to see UFC! IIIIIIIIIIIITTTTT'SSSS TIIIIIIMME!

5.52: BRB need caffeine supplies. I am going to die of a heart attack today. Guaranteed.

5.54: Oh, got water instead. I forgot what this tasted like!

5.56: Whoa, this water is making me feel instantly better. WHO KNEW? I thought only Coke Zero and Pepsi Max had this power.

5.59: My only fear: super long Battlefield segment. I've had my fill from the Microsoft one. For once in my life I want to hear more about sport...

6.00 The word is that there are a few surprises being dropped here...

6.02: Seriously though — Peter Moore is a great presenter.

6.04: Opening with Plants vs Zombies. Ballsy. I like it. This looks a bit mental.

6.05: "It won't just tickle your funny bone, it'll tear the whole thing off..." Okay that was lame. GEOGRAPHY TEACHER JOKE.

6.07: Guys, this is ‘zany’. I seriously can’t believe that Popcap is making a third person shooter. It’s looks great and all, but who is this for?

6.09: Don’t mean to be the paaahteee poopah, but yeah. Hard to pin down an actual market for this one.

6.11: Oh man, Peggle 2!!!!!

6.12: Is Titanfall multiplayer only? Because I’d be down with that.

6.13: This developer diary is good. I like the idea of pilots versus Titans. That is sexual man. That is good stuff. This looks like a lot of fun.

6.17: “I’m a rebel, I’m edgy. Yeah guys. You wanna be me. YOU ARE MY RIVAL.” I’ll bet I have better biceps than this guy.

6.19: You know, a real theme for next gen is starting to emerge. The games themselves aren’t really changing that much, more the way we engage with them — all that social online stuff. I’m not sure how I feel about that. It’s almost as if games are evolving in the wrong direction. Just a thought as I watch this Need for Speed game being demoed.


6.24: Oh, Dragon Age: Inquisition. They can’t afford to balls this one up. I think it will be good.

6.25: Weird pick up — I think those asteroids were using Tie Fighter sound effects…

6.27: I am pretty excited about next gen sports. I love FIFA, love Fight Night — hope to fall in love with the new UFC. I know plenty of you are switching off now! But not me.

6.28: This is a bit cringeworthy…

6.29: “The depth of true ball handling” PREACH.

6.30: “The ball handling was unnatural”

6.32: Hmmm Madden. Anyone here play Madden? I don’t want to slag it off. I know it’s good, but yeaaaaahhhhh… Haven’t played Madden since 1993.

6.35: Wake me up when they bring out Anderson Silva doing the moonwalk.

6.36: Dude, Barca suck now. Where is Bayern? Bring out Bayern! Messi, you look like Dudley Moore.

6.37: Holy shit! They actually brought out Drake. NO WAY. For FIFA? What the hell man, this is truly insane. I literally can’t believe Drake came out to talk about FIFA. I am losing my mind right now.


6.43: Dana White dropping knowledge on the fight game son! I don’t know why I am talking like this…

6.44: Man, Ben Henderson is carrying a lot of weight. Big weight cut for that guy…

6.45: Dana White saying it’ll be the best fighting game ever made. I certainly hope so. Pretty excited as an MMA fan for this one.

6.48: Okay we’re getting multiplayer Battlefield. Excitement? Our video guy Ben is losing it!

6.51: Maybe I need to upgrade for this… this does look pretty noice.

6.57: Whoa, technical difficulties — just lost half of our entire Liveblog... Dammit. Never mind. EA's conference just finished with Mirror's Edge 2. Pretty excited for that one.

Okay! That's it guys. Next stop Sony!

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