Easily The Biggest Damn Assassin You've Ever Seen

Ubisoft traditionally has first dibs on the expansive "flank" of the LA convention centre, something which continued this year with the most ridiculously over-sized Assassin's Creed poster you will ever see.

The pros of such a spot? Well, as you can see, it's huge. The cons? That Battlefield 4 banner you see in the background will get around 100x the exposure over the next week.

This was put together using panorama software, so half the fun is looking for glitches. Like the old dude with two heads. And the Tonka SUV. It's over 8000 pixels wide, so you'll want to click "enlarge" to get the full effect.


    Shame I have zero excitement for that game :|

    Kind of Over the Assassins games

      Yeah, I'm exactly the same. While the monotony of the games after a while was one thing, the bitter taste that AC3 (which is still sitting unfinished at my place) left really does leave a lot to be desired.

    All the sooking about gun violence and then they go and put a giant mural up of a dude with a hand gun, gotta love america.

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