EB Games Lists PS4 At $549

We're still waiting for an official pricing and availability statement from Sony Australia, but in the meantime, EB Games has adjusted its pre-order price for Sony's next-gen machine down to $549.

It's worth noting that (as with all pre-orders of this type), that's not a final, set-in-stone-rock-solid-confirmed-for-all-time-price, but at least they can show you what it looks like now. Although not when you might get it.

At the time of writing, JB Hi-Fi and Harvey Norman still had the PS4 listed at $899 and $868 respectively.


    Will it be released in Aus in 2013? Sony only said the US and Europe.

    I think it might drop further considering the XboxDone is retailing at $100 above US pricing.

    thats garbage. $150 more than anywhere else. so sick of getting shafted. who am i kidding im getting one anyway so I aint gonna help the problem

      We're doing better than everywhere else outside the US
      -399 Euro equals
      562.04 Australian Dollar

      -349 British Pound Sterling equals
      577.31 Australian Dollar

        Yeah but it does equal $424.02 AUD for the US price...

          Don't forget GST, making it AUD$466.42 minimum (currently). Still, AUD$499 would leave plenty of room for currency fluctuation.

          Remember also that the UK VAT is 20%. Their tax-free price is £290 or US$453, so they're being charged a US$54 premium compared to the US$73 extra we have to pay.

    PS Australia just said on twitter this is the RRP.

    Sony have usually made a loss on hardware and try to make it up on software sales. I'd say the making PS+ mandatory for online gaming, they're using this to offset the loss so they can undercut the XBone's price and get an early lead in sales. It'll work as well you know.

    I think it's a reasonable price. People need ot remember that while we've enjoyed being close to parity with the US over the last 2 - 3 years, that wasn't going to last forever. Our dollar is declining back towards its longer-term value (closer to 75 to 80 US cents), and invariably, the console will cost a bit more. It also needs to include GST, so chuck another 10% on to that.

      And the PS3 was $1000 at launch.
      It's now seven years later, and the cutting edge is much cheaper.

    Should get a PS Vita as well for that price :P

    Does anyone not remember the price of the ps3? And you have to remenber we get paid a fair amount more than most places in the world. So anyone who is complaining should go visit some other countries to realise how lucky we are.

      Sorry, but I don't think "they're charging us more just because they think they can get away with it", and "they charged us even more in the past" are acceptable excuses. Didn't we have this conversation recently about software?

    I sent an email to customer support and got this reply

    "Thanks for contacting us J

    We have been provided the RRP by the vendor unfortunately that’s not a price that we control and $399 does not include sales tax. Luckily we get a better price than New Zealand theirs is retailing at $649.

    Sadly this price is not going to meet the needs of every person who wants to pre-order it but you can always trade in your older items to get it even cheaper.

    Thanks again for your enquiry; we hope to see you back online soon.


    screw that, I will order my PS4 from the UK and save money even with the shipping cost added.

      you wont save money.. 349 pounds to $AU is $580 at the moment.. plus shipping.

        Depends. If they'll ship it sans VAT, that's £290, or a mere AU$479. Probably worth the shipping cost, but maybe not losing the warranty.

        Seems Amazon US will ship it to "selected countries", saving the whole $150, and the games are confirmed to be region-free so that's OK - but the blu-ray player may still be region-locked (as with the PS3).

        Last edited 12/06/13 1:44 pm

      No you will not.
      Why would you bother anyway. $550 is chump change

    Its $100 more in New Zealand. $649, & I couldn't be happier after paying $1200 for a PS3.

    399€ =$532.35 usd
    £349 = $548.63 usd
    $399 aud = $383 usd
    $549 aud = $527.53 usd

    Can you see the reason for increase now. If sold at 399 aud Sony loses out on the comparison rate of our dollar so they inflate the price for even market takings. Sony still making less money on us, but they make up for it in over priced games.

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