EVE Online Says It Has Taken Down Its Tranquility Server Cluster

EVE Online says it has taken down its Tranquility server cluster — housing the MMO itself and companion game Dust 514 — because of “a significant and sustained distributed denial-of-service attack.” Tranquility has been down for 16 hours. At this time, not even EVE‘s web site is reachable. Follow EVE‘s Twitter for more.


  • A bad case of Nerd-Rage perhaps?

    Someone got ganked in lowsec and is now Nerd-Raging their little heart out :oP

    • My spreadsheets are fine. It’s the fact that I can’t get in and move more items around so I can enter MORE numbers on my spreadsheets!

      Jokes aside, I need to re-queue some skills and move some goods, so quit it ya stupid DDoS bastards.

      • i played EVE, loved it, but realised i didn’t have the time to commit to it 🙁

        i might start up again in the uni holidays though…

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