Everything You Need To Know About Nintendo’s E3 Line-Up

Everything You Need To Know About Nintendo’s E3 Line-Up

Nintendo didn’t have a conference this year, but its Nintendo Direct show was about as close as it gets. It turns out they announced quite a fair amount. This is everything you need to know about Nintendo’s E3 line-up.


Actually, no real news outside of game announcements for this one, and I’ve piled all of those below! Oh, we know the name of the new Zelda game!

The New 3DS Zelda Is Called A Link Between Worlds


A lot of game announcements…

Viking’s Pillage Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze Later This Year
The New Smash Bros Game Will Be Out In 2014
Bayonetta 2 Looks Deadlier Than Ever With Short Hair
The Legend Of Zelda Wind Waker HD Sails To Wii U In October
Mario Kart 8 Is Coming To Wii U Next Spring
Super Mario 3D World Coming To Wii U This December
Pokemon X and Y Dated For October 12

Other stuff…

Nintendo’s New Games Are Fun But They’re Playing It Ridiculously Safe


  • I was kind of hoping that this E3 Ninty would convince me I needed a WiiU.
    Mission failed.

    As Totilo said in his article, it was remarkably lacking in anything to convince me that the WiiU’s unique hardware elements are being used in any imaginative or compelling way.

    Before the Wii U launched, I used to say that a big issue would be if 3rd Parties didn’t bother to create good mechanisms around the game pad.
    I always assumed it was a given with Nintendo itself, with the creative history of that company. I guess I was wrong!

    • Shame, they finally sold me with Super Mario 3D World, Mario Kart 8, and although I’m not a huge fan of the series the new Donkey Kong Country.

      Now I’m just waiting for an F-Zero and Metroid and I’ll be a content gamer for a little while 😀

      • It just disappoints me that these games would likely be even better if Nintendo had invested more of the console price principle in the unit and less in the controller.
        I want them to prove that the price bumping and price drop resisting chunky tablet controller is worthwhile.
        I got hyped about asynchronous gaming potential; experiences like being a Dungeon Master to other players adventuring.
        Stop making me sad. 🙁

        • I hear ya. I think in regards to the controller it’s much like the DS’s touch screen – It’s a gimick more than half of the time, but when it’s used right, you couldn’t imagine playing that game any other way. So far I’ve only seen Nintendo Land showcase the best use of the controller. Unfortunately, with it’s piss poor graphical performance in comparison to PS4 and XB1, it’s not getting the attention it deserves from leading 3rd party developers.

          I’m sure if devs were to sit down and brainstorm on ideas of how they could maximize and creatively innovate what the Wii U has to offer, they could do it. Sadly 3rd party devs are just mostly battery hens locked in cages and forced to lay code. Paid by the line… Creativity is too risky.. and risky is bad for business.. so they just stick to what sells or it’s the chopping block for them!

  • I’m sorry I’m not very impressed with Nintendo’s game line-up and most seem to be coming next year. Only one of those stood out and that was the spiritual successor to Xenoblade, which mark hasn’t listed above.

    • Personally, I’m always interested in new Donkey Kong Country, Mario Kart and Smash Bros games. Whether that’s enough to convince me to buy a Wii U is another thing entirely though.

      I will say though, it’s certainly starting to look a lot better for Nintendo. I’ll keep an eye on what else is announced for the rest of the year.

      • Don’t get me wrong, I think there is a Nintendo fan in all of us, and when I saw the new mario Kart I thought that looks cool and all they’ve really done is add a few bells and whistles. Thats not to say Nintendo need to revamp their entire catalogue – these core games have survived for a reason – it’s getting new things out of Nintendo. I was really hoping for a new HD Zelda like the demo they showed last E3 (or the one before).

        When I was watching Geoff Keighley from GTTV interview Reggi; Reggi was all like I’m not worried we have the games, but those are directed at Nintendo fanboys and like you said may not sway you to buy a console – especially not when two ‘next generation’ consoles will be released, which will be out before Nintendo releases most of their games (slotted for 2014).

  • Very disappointed. Unimaginative games that are in the most part heavily delayed. Mario needs to be good to be anywhere near galaxy.

  • Honestly this list is laughable.
    Thanks Nintendo, but i’ll stick to Metal Gear Solid 5, Grand Theft Auto 5, Watch Dogs, Last of Us AND Arkham Origins.
    Good luck with your… classic franchises. Hahaha!!!
    Nintendo in 2013 = Irrelevant

      • MGS is a stealth/shooter hybrid, GTA 5 is a hybrid shooter/driver, the last of us is a survival horror hybrid and Arkham Origons is a brawler with no shooting done by the player at all. While not super out there he has chosen some decent variety

        • Its over the shoulder perspective, you shoot things, it fits the genre. What do you think it is? Arcade racer?

          • Arkham City had 2 “guns” grapnel and electric, neither used like in a traditional 3rd person shooter. The Arkham games are of a blend of 3rd person action/adventure, stealth and brawler.

      • I only like games which allow me to vent my anger!!! Squishing Goombas doesn’t do it for me

      • Fair point, however, i’ve now re-lived my childhood for three console generations. I think its time Nintendo did something new

  • Wow, glad I stayed in bed for this one. Fuck Nintendo, you’re giving me severe erectile dysfunction with all this lameness.

  • Games look great, I’m going to get a Wii U. Though not right away it still needs a price drop. Good work Nintendo I’m coming around.

  • A new (full blown) Mario game and a new Zelda game would have had me putting money aside for a new WiiU.

    I’m a huge fan of Windwaker and really wanna play it again in HD but this is just not enough.

  • Lineup is looking good:

    Super Smash Bros
    Super Mario 3D Land
    Mario Kart 8
    Donkey Kong Country Tropical Jungle
    Zelda Windwaker Remake
    Pikman 3
    Sonic Lost World
    Xenoblade successor
    The Wonderful 101
    Bayonetta 2

  • Sad. I have supported Nintendo but…. all I get is a stupid Mario by numbers game? I have a wiiU I want to give you money wtf is the problem? I have wind waker on GC – I am a core fan – I need a proper game to play – yet there are none to be seen this year. I am nintendo sad :'(

  • I’ve never played Windwaker and inexplicably skipped both Mario Kart Wii and 7, so I suppose I have more reason than others to look forward to those games. Most of the games I’m interested in (Smash Bros! X!) seem to be coming out next year. Oh well, I guess it’s 3DS this year and Wii U next year for me.

  • very uninterested in these offerings.
    I know i’m alone here but I didn’t like Mario 3ds land. I found it quite boring. I currently don’t have high hopes for this new Mario game. after Mario galaxy how can the premier Mario game be so apparently devoid of fresh ideas.
    im looking forward to wind waker hd and donkey kong should be lots of fun.
    I REALLY wanted a Zelda 4 swords type game. the Zelda mini game in Nintendo land was great fun and just left me wanting a fully fleshed out Zelda co-op game.

    Luigi’s mansion however is my favourite game on 3ds. well actually its my favourite game in general at the moment. I don’t see anything in this line up with that level of polish and imagination.

    so it still seems that rayman is on the top of my wii u list
    and as has been said many times by others. no game here validates why the wii u controller exists

    its funny. this generation I was an xbox fanboy but a die hard Nintendo fan.
    it looks like sony, the company I have generally avoided will be providing me the best fit for this next generation

  • is there not enoguh mario games already?, each mario is the same with a slight graphics update and the obsticles in the level shifted slightly to the left

  • Well you guys may complain, but I am pretty keen, I’m gonna buy like 75% of the titles shown off.

    • it’s because of people like you that Nintendo have no incentive to give gamers something new!!!
      semi-serious 😉

      • I enjoy what they have to offer,
        I do agree however it’s not like they are like “No. We don’t wanna make new things”.
        It’s because they need to turn a profit.
        But they care more about an enjoyable experience for the gamers I think

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