Everything You Need To Know About The Microsoft E3 Conference

So the Microsoft conference has been and gone, bringing with it pricing (even local pricing!) along with a host of new game announcements and some great demos for titles we were already aware of.

Stay tuned to this post. We'll be updating it as news pours in from the conference.


Really the focus was on the games (see below!) but there were a handful of breaking stories... Microsoft space bux are gone.

We Have An Australian Price For The Xbox One Xbox One Is $499 In The US Microsoft Points Are Dead Redesigned Xbox 360 Available Today


There were a lot of games. But we sort of expected that. Highlights for me were Metal Gear Solid 5 and Titanfall. Killer Instinct? I never asked for this, but I'll take it!

Titanfall: Respawn's Big Xbox Exclusive Is Coming Early 2014 Halo Coming To Xbox One In Some Form Dead Rising 3 Is Coming To Xbox One Minecraft Is Mining And Crafting Its Way To the Xbox One Insomniac Is Making A Wild Exclusive For The Xbox One Killer Instinct Returns Exclusively For Xbox One Ryse Son Of Rome Looks Like A Better Video Game Version Of 300 Metal Gear Solid V On The Xbox One Looks Fantastic World Of Tanks Is Coming To Xbox 360

Other stuff...

There's A Hidden Message In The Witcher 3's Debut Trailer The Trash Talk During The Killer Instinct Reveal Was Awful


    I thought it was a strong showing. They took a beating after the hardware reveal but that was a really good recovery. I'm excited to see what Sony has to show.

      Totally agree. Not the strongest ever, but a well planned and executed showing of exactly what we wanted... the GAMES! :)

    What was that announcement about sharing Xbox Live gold with friends or something?

      It seems like they only want one subscription per household. Like cable or internet, you don't ask each member of a household to have an individual subscription to a box in the living room.

        Are there really houses that have more than one gold account per box? Surely not many.

    Can't believe they side stepped ALL questions regarding DRM, Fees and all the shit they've copped flak over o0

      They've said a few times they're not charging fees for game trading. What other fees are you concerned about?

        They are taking a cut of all used game sales at participating retailers. That's the fee, just transferred to the store so you can't see it. And it means no private trading.

          There's a fee for retail store trading because the store is making a profit. They've also said they'll have an online digital trading system that won't have a cut taken from it.

    I'm still concerned about what will happen to everything I spent my hard earned money on after they eventually shut down the servers like they did with the original Xbox. At least I can guarantee that I can still play my Xbox 360 and all of the 110+ games I have collected even if the 360 servers do get shut down.

      I agree! I can still power up my Vectrex or Jaguar or SNES and play the old games whenever I like, 5, 10 or 30 years down the track. My kids still enjoy my old Atari 800 from time to time.
      I worry that I will spend thousands on games and at any time MS can pull the plug on me. This 24hr checkin thing is treating your loyal customers like they are criminals on parole.
      I'll be getting a PS4 if they keep this requirement, and I have been an MS guy since launch day of the xbox one. I put up with the high prices, with 6 falied 360 consoles, but I'm not going to check in with my MS parole officer ever 24hrs.

    Kinda disappointed really.
    hauled my ass out of bed for something new and exciting and both MS and Apple are pretty Meh.
    Project Spark is a highlight, that's about it.

    I'm a bit underwhelmed... This was their main event, wasn't it?

    A reasonable price for Australia and expected games. Makes me wonder why they couldn't announced all this at their announcement last month. A lot of people would've been happier. Now to see what Sony offers. Hopefully a similar price given there's not a great deal of difference in architecture

      So they announce all this a month ago and have what left for E3? If not for the speculation and other crap it would have worked out fine but the internet is full of people who cant wait for facts and love to get upset about things.

    Am I the only person here who seems to think this was a really crap conference? They only announced what like 3 exclusives? All the others were just games that were already announced........
    Such a poor effort.

    On the bright side, I know some good looking games to get on PC.
    Looking at you, MGSV.

    Even more out now, was hoping for some reason or excuse for the backwards changes made, no explanation, i think I'll be migrating to PS4 this time.

    Not imptessed. Price is ok. Day One achievement - raised my eyebrows. A huge dose of meh... the stage is set for sony or nintendo to deliver a fatality later today.

      The achievement you get for a day 1 purchase is called 'Sucker'.

    My first reaction to the Killer Instinct news:


    My second reaction to the Killer Instinct news:

    "Wait, it's exclusive to the Xbone. Booooo"

      Same here :(

      Stupid exclusives.

        It's disappointing to be sure, although I knew that IF a KI3 ever happened that it would be exclusive to a Microsoft console due to the fact that they own Rare (I know this isn't actually being developed by Rare, but it's a Rare-owned property).

        Nintendo were stupid to let Rare go like that. But I probably wouldn't have been too happy if it was exclusive to the Wii U, either. A game like KI3 deserves the attention of being multiplatform.

        Last edited 11/06/13 10:45 am

    I can't come to a glib expression of my thoughts, so instead I will ask a question.
    Microsoft announced games at a marketing convention for games, and somehow people are pleased with that?

    Been waiting for a new killer instinct for years... damn... still not getting an xbone.

    Everything you need to know about the MS conference: Sony just killed MS and won E3.

      Problem with a lot of us initially thinking MS had a strong showing was because of how bloody shit their first reveal was a couple of weeks back that we just had very low expectations. Sony came in and just obliterated MS despite still needing to show off their console, pay lip service to other media support, and things about Vita, it was close to an hour of just pure back to back gameplay or trailers about games.

      The stuff about DRM and pricing was just icing.

        Sony knew they had the strongest showing, that DRM stuff, was them twisting the knife and laughing all the way to the bank. They got knocked down a peg or two with the PS3 and found out they had to be humble again instead of egotistical. "You have to get a second job to afford a ps3" to paraphrase the PS3's e3 debut. That sort of thing isn't happening now, they want EVERYONE to get one.

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