Everything You Need To Know About The PS4

Everything You Need To Know About The PS4

Well that was Sony. That was as good a conference as I can remember. The local price isn’t quite what I’d hoped considering what the US are paying, but it was mostly great news all round. And no DRM. Bless. But just in case you missed it, this is everything you need to know about the PS4.


Main news I guess is the price and the date. It’s coming Holiday 2013 and it will cost $549 here in Australia. The no DRM thing is just the icing on the cake. Great news, brilliant to see the consumer coming first here.

Sony Australia Confirms Local PS4 Price
EB Games Lists PS4 At $549
This Is What The PlayStation 4 Looks Like
Good News: PlayStation Plus Memberships Will Carry Onto The PS4
The PS4 Costs $399
PS4 Video Says PlayStation Plus Is Mandatory For Online Multiplayer
The PS4 Doesn’t Have The Xbox One’s DRM


A great line up. Destiny surprised me by looking a lot better than I expected. A lot of great announcements as well.

Here’s The First Gameplay Footage For Destiny
The Just Cause Guys Are Making A Mad Max Game
Final Fantasy Versus XIII Is Now Final Fantasy XV
Kingdom Hearts 3 Is Coming To The PS4
Transistor: A New Game From Supergiant Games, The Creators Of Bastion, Will Make Its Debut On The PS4
The Order 1866 Is The Newest PS4 Exclusive
Gran Turismo 6 Looks Amazing On The PlayStation 4

Other stuff…

Sony Just Smacked The Xbox One In The Mouth
This Is How You Share Games On PS4
Quantic Dream;s Dark Sorcerer Is Hellishly Funny


  • I’d like to know: Does that $549 come with all the bells and whistles? Or would I need to pay more to get an acceptable sized HDD, the Playstation Eye, etc?

    And if not, what is the upper tier price going to be? I get the feeling that info about the version that costs *more* than the xbone is going to appear after the euphoria wears off…

  • There is only one thing that you need to know about the PS4, and that is you should buy it and forget the Xbone even exists.

  • i think the xbox one needs a 1TB hdd. I mean they are calling a media centre and obviously want you to download your games etc on to it but 500GB i can see going FAST. then what?

    • I think it is. Even the article itself is saying PS3 just this post wrote it as PS4. Probably mistake

  • That price stings. It really does. No reason for a mark-up like that and I am sick of us getting bad treatment when it comes to everything.

    • The thing is, we’re on a downward trend. The general consensus is that the AUD will hit 80c by the years end. This is the figure Sony would be basing pricing on, correctly or otherwise.

      Which kind of makes the fact the xbone is basically the same price quite impressive.

      • Is the Wii U getting a price increase to match this trend? No, so why does this need to exist.

        • Because it’s really hard (or impossible) to increase the price once it’s entered the market. That said, I think if we’re still close to parity in November they SHOULD (but probably won’t) do the right thing and drop the price.

          • They won’t. I wasn’t going to buy one till next year anyway but I might as well get a PS3 now.

      • Actually, the better answer is that we’re being grouped into the EU/GBP currencies, which makes sense as Australia operates under the SCEE banner.

        The currency conversion compares favourable to those currencies and actually ends up being cheaper. GBP 349 = AUD$578 and EU 399 = AUD$562.

        All that I can guess is that Sony are loss-leading in the US to secure market-share early on and win back a heap of goodwill it lost to the X360 in that market last gen. If you’re going to target a market for a price-war, it makes sense to target the US, since that’s where all the world press typically originates.

        • That’s actually the same issue. The reason they are also getting a lousy deal is that the US dollar has been improving steadily against most currencies (rather than we are dropping).

    • It’s terrible if you convert from $US

      It’s not bad if you convert from Euros or pounds- we’re actually getting it a little cheaper.

          • $399 US atm is about $424 AUD at current exchange rates, which means that with GST it’s about $85 extra

            Given the dollar is falling at the moment, I imagine they’ve built in some wiggle room to account for further fluctuations. I’m not happy that it seems like a whole jump more, but we’re still better off than the UK and Europe. It’s still not too bad a price.

          • It’s still something that should never happen. I get what you’re saying and i’m not disagreeing, i’m simply saying it should never happen. Wii U was an $80 increase which was fine. $150 is too much.

    • For whatever reason, Sony is priced against Europe, not US, which I think makes it like $577 so we’re getting it cheaper (in that aspect).

    • I imagine they’ve been watching our dollar value and that part of this is them making a price buffer against the possibility we will go back to the days when the aussi dollar was only worth 65-70 cents of the American.
      But don’t think that means I’m not certain they are enjoying having an excuse to screw us. A $50-$80 price difference i could accept but… ahh who am I kidding. Mines been on pre-order with a copy of Watch Dogs for a month and a half now.

    • It might be worthwhile locking in that price with an Australian preorder now. With the direction the Australian dollar is heading it might become a bargain.

  • The fact that it requires Playstation Plus to play games online makes this a bad investment, just put the money into upgrading your PC and you’ll save $60 a year to spend on other games.

    • That is literally the only negative I have heard coming out of the Sony conference, and it’s not even that big an issue. Microsoft have been charging a fee ever since Xbox Live launched, Sony are charging a fee but it’s not just online multiplayer you get, you get access to exclusive content for games, the instant game collection across three systems, (which Microsoft has implemented with Xbox Live now, assuming only for Xbox One) free access to game beta’s including the exclusive beta to the Elder Scrolls Online, and much more. . .

      If it was just online multiplayer, I could see the right to complain, but Sony has made Playstation Plus a worthwhile investment before they’ve made it ‘mandatory’. . .

      • I can’t see the quality of the Playstation Plus library being sustained once they gate multiplayer. I’d like to be wrong though. Regardless, I have to compare this offering to the Xbone, and this is clearly the winner.

      • Except having to play to use online multiplayer services is absolutely awful, why should I buy a PS4 if I have to pay extra to play with friends, when I can do it for free on PC.
        I mean, they can slap on all the extra content they want, but at the end of the day putting multiplayer behind a paywall is a disgusting development I hoped Sony wouldn’t take.
        And no, just because Microsoft does it with Xbox live does not make it acceptable for Sony to make the same decision.

        • Agree. Current Playstation Network is awful for me, while online games on my PC have an average of 20 ping on the same connection.

          I see no reason to start paying for it.

      • I love how the MS one gives you fkn Halo 3. Like anyone hasn’t played that game that want to.

    • But you get way more than $60 worth of free games and discounts with PS+ anyway. So you get the online play and you still get other games as well.

    • its $60 a year and gives you a bunch of games, works on PSVIta, PS3 and PS4, its not that bad

    • I believe they mentioned it is the same as the current model (PS3) which means there is no locking at all

      • That would be awesome, I don’t mind adopting this early providing that I can still import games from the UK at a fraction of the local cost.

      • Nah, it has region locking according to Bluray regions, it’s just that very few publishers have used it on any games. A few Japanese ones come to mind that have it.

        • This is fine, I think to some extent restrictions are gonna exist – either that they’re cheaper to lock, no plans for worldwide consumption, etc etc. As long as it’s done not for profit (price -gouge) I’m all good.

    • Sony’s been anti-region locking for years. In fact I believe they even pushed hard to have it removed from Blu-Ray movies but lost that battle in order to win the war against HD-DVD.

      • I was always under the impression region locking was removed because one of the main (ie bullshit) reasons people gave for mod-chipping their PS1 and PS2 consoles was so they could play imports

        Hence, if a mod-chip was every developed for the PS3, Sony (and the rest of the world) would know the only reason it would be used would be for piracy – not for playing imports

  • Looking back now that the initial amazement has worn off, both camps had surprisingly very little in terms of fresh exclusive IPs o.O The Order and Sunset Overdrive for their respective consoles caught my attention. For sequels, I’m looking forward to KH3 and FFIV over on Sony’s camp while MS has me intrigued with Halo I guess but not really. Everything else that has been smashing (I’m looking at you Watch Dogs, Titanfall, and Division) are multiplats and more importantly (for me haha), PC available so yeah…

    Objectively speaking, I’m actually looking forward to what Nintendo will show tonight (Aus time). While I think we can more or less settle that the “hardcore” third party titles will be slim, hell on exclusives I think there’s going to be some juicy stuff. It’s looking more and more like Nintendo made the correct choice not do the traditional conference this year. That said, PS4 looking mighty fine right now.

    • I’m sure Nintendo will have some great games, but if they show a single IP that’s less than a decade old, I’ll be very surprised.

      • If they show even a single new IP with evidence that it’ll be actually supported for the long run while looking like it has the magic of their older titles, I’m pretty sure the world would actually implode haha.

      • Crap, Pikmin isn’t even under a decade! Hopefully Miyamotos’ IP is shown or that Retro was working on a new IP.

      • If Nintendo announces a few JRPGs then I’ll consider getting a Wii U. Towards the end of the Wii’s life there were some amazing JRPGs that just weren’t available on the PS3/360

        • X…

          I have yet to play Xenoblade. I need to but i’m in the middle of another JRPG (Infinite Undiscovery) and playing two at once is a nightmare.

        • You know what? Announce a modern Earthbound, that’ll get people talking, despite the creator’s claim a sequel is impossible haha. Could be re-imagining I guess >_>

      • It’s PC available as well. Which is what I mean, a lot of seemingly Xbox exclusive titles are actually also available on PC, Project Spark being another example.

  • Can someone with a decent knowledge break it down to me why the [email protected]$& we are paying 150$ more when Australian dollar is strong enough to vlue more than US dollar? Also why when we buy PS4 we pay 50$ less than the XBOX1 when the actuall price is 100$ less? I think we need to step up to whatever stupid policies out there that put us in a disadvantage.

    • No the Australian dollar is weaker than the US dollar now. On top of that, the US price was listed without sales tax, and the AUS price was listed including GST. On top of that, shipping to Australia may be more expensive. Now that leaves about the 50 extra bucks compared to the Xbox One conversion you’ve mentioned. Not sure what that is, apart from allowing wiggle room for the predicted further decline of the AU dollar by the end of the year

  • From what I’ve read about the PS4, I’m thinking it’ll be a day one purchase for me. I like what I’m reading, and the price is a lot cheaper than I was expecting.

    As for the Xbox One, that was very underwhelming. If the DRM really isn’t going to be as bad as they claim, then I may buy one down the track when it’s cheaper, but that depends on the exclusives.

  • both the ps4 and xbox have the same size hard drive,the difference is xbox requires mandatory install which means 500gb isn’t gong to last long. i also wonder how ebgames and jbhifi are going to charge for the same game as a trade in?

  • So PS4 isn’t backwards compatible with PS3? I wanna play some exclusives that I’ve missed out on.

      • I think they said they’ll be available over streaming once the Gaikai thing is up and running. God knows if/when we’ll get that in Australia, though, given our internet speeds.

  • A lot of Xbox One hate today.

    I’m getting both consoles any ways so my only issue is deciding on which gets used for exclusives only.

    Also Nintendo Direct Hype! Finally going to get the Wind Waker update I’ve been waiting for.

  • This is it? After all the high fives and these are all the games for SOny? I was expecting a lot more. Final Fantasy is the opposite of a superfranchise now, it’s basically a parody of everything that’s wrong with Japanese game industry. Kingdom Hearts and Destiny better be better than I think they will be. I am more excited about the Xbone exclusives than the Playstation’s from what I can see.

  • I have a question; if i import the PS4 from the USA, will i be able to play australian bought games on it. Because my friend says that i cant.

  • Hi Question If I buy a PS4 from Amazon will I be able to buy games localy and play them or will I have to buy the games from Amazon (america) as well also will the consoles be released in Australia 3 months after the states like last time?

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