Exploring The World Of Destiny: How Bungie Built A Whole New Universe

Exploring The World Of Destiny: How Bungie Built A Whole New Universe

What’s interesting about Destiny? Well there’s Bungie’s involvement for one. And the presence of Peter ‘Tyrion Lannister’ Dinklage, there’s that. But what I found most interesting about Destiny was the details. And the mystery.

But both go hand in hand.

It only takes seconds to comprehend what a stellar job Bungie has done with regards to Destiny’s world building. The environment is covered in rust, but it feels embedded with a legitimate history. The thought that’s gone into the design of every building and space resonates, and that helps build the mystery — who built these strange towers? Why were they built? For what purpose? Then there’s the enemies themselves, the thought that’s gone into how they communicate, how they attack.

You are left with more questions than answers, and Destiny has the power to invoke a genuine curiosity. I found myself wanting to see more, and play more — not because of the mechanics — but because I wanted to learn more about the world in which it’s set. That’s the hook, that’s what I expect will make Destiny such a unique experience when it releases in 2014.

We spoke to Chris Butcher, Technical Director at Bungie who went into more depth about what it takes to build a world with the size and scope of Destiny.


  • Destiny looks great, but let’s be real here – persistent online MMOFPSes have definitely been done before. Maybe not combining them in this particular way, but it’s not reinventing the wheel. Looks great though.

    • Also, they didn’t create a whole new universe cause the game is set in our solar system 😉

      Seriously tho, I too appreciate the mystery of this game. When they first described the traveller, a mysterious sphere that defended humanity I was delighted at just how intriguing a simple sphere could be. I can’t wait for this game.

  • I remember reading previously that this game is sort of based on the Arthur C. Clarke’s Childhood’s End. I havent read it, but skimmed what it’s about and it definitely sounds like it will be an interesting game world.

  • I am unreasonably excited for this game, even though I’ve long since found I can’t keep up with shooters any more (getting old 🙁 ). There’s something about the way Bungie puts stuff together that really clicks with me – I’ve been following their stuff since a little before they released Pathways into Darkness.

  • OK, so wow. How big is this? Did I see Mars and some other solar system locations in trailers I just watched?

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