Fake Smash Bros Character Screens Flood The Internet

For me, probably the funniest thing during last week's E3 was the reveal trailer of Smash Bros. for the Wii U and all the hilarity that followed. The internet picked up that poor villager character from Animal Crossing quickly, which was followed by crazy fictional character intro screens that have taken on a life of their own.

Here's an original one, for example: the introduction screen for the Wii Fit Trainer.

And here are all the terrific edits the internet contributed right after the trailer.

I've grabbed the ones that are video game or anime related and have the funniest one liners, but feel free to post all the other great ones — or your own creations — in the comments below that mix Smash Bros. with completely different sections of popculture.

Sources: imgur via reddit, domskeet, eatle, ionosphere-negate, blue-bower


    I wanted the Missile one to be true...

    OMFG how good would bomber man be :D

      First thing I thought while going down the page... Bomberman would suit Smash Bros perfectly!

    oh man, that Hanako one cracks me up every time, it's so mean, but so perfect at the same time.

    OMG this is great, Kamina, bomberman, diglet and Ghandi. If this was real i would insta-buy a wii-U!

    ps. Worst GTA:SA mission EVER!

    I've had an idiot friend spamming 4chan links all week, but seeing a whole bunch of these together like this isn't unfunny at all.

    Now I can't imagine a Smash Bros being without Groose!

    In regards to Ridley


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