Fans Are Upset Over YouTube Duo 'Game Grumps' Break-Up

The best friend duo made up of JonTron and Egoraptor just got a little less grumpy. The YouTube group, Game Grumps, announced yesterday that they'd be breaking up. Sort of. JonTron is leaving to focus on his own work while Danny — a writer/comedian/singer from NinjaSexParty — replaces him on the show.

NinjaSexParty, if you're wondering, is a self-described comedy band composed of actor/writer/singer Danny and his friend Brian who mans the keyboards. Their most recent episode posted two weeks ago features JonTron and was directed by Egoraptor. It perhaps could have served as an early hint towards the impending changes.

The Game Grumps channel simultaneously announced a new show after the break-up, called Steam Train, where Danny and Ross (an animator known as RubberRoss on YouTube) will play modern and old school PC games together, mimicking the dynamic of the Game Grumps duo, new and old.

Fans have since been storming the Game Grumps YouTube channel, as well as the individual videos on the channel, to express their disappointment in seeing JonTron go. A few consider the new Steam Train show's announcement to be a shameless ploy to hop on the popularity of Game Grumps.

Here's the top comment on the YouTube announcement of Steam Train, as of this writing:

Seriously, not hating on these two, Jon, or anyone involved with Game Grumps, but seriously, this is fucking offending...

Stripping the channel from what it was all about, just using a channel with lots of subs from previous work, just what the hell were you thinking?

I wish Jon all the luck in the world with JonTron, and I'm fine with Arin wanting a new partner to continue the show... BUT THIS? STEAM TRAIN?

Biggest disappointment I've encountered on a Youtube Channel...

Though the upset is mostly aimed towards JonTron's departure, a portion of the fans seem to have already made up their minds to not give new host Danny a chance, proclaiming that he can't live up to JonTron's chemistry with Egoraptor.

  • People, saying "Give it a chance" doesn't mean anything. There have been two episodes with the new people, and people aren't liking them. Danny's transition was too sudden, Arin feels forced, and the third one is just annoying. Game Grumps is Arin and Jon. Replacing Abbot with a guy named Tony wouldn't make it New Abbot and Costello. It would make it Tony and Costello.

Though arguably just another Let's Play YouTube series, Game Grumps always had a deeper appeal to fans who were familiar with it. The duo truly worked well together, balancing the grumpiness of Egoraptor with the not-so-grumpiness of JonTron. They played old school games and sometimes newer ones, but always managed to bounce their personalities and humour off of one another. They were two best friends sitting down to play video games together. And people loved that. Shifting the players but not the overall best-friend setting is partially what fans online are concerned about.

Others are more open to letting the shock of change settle rather than letting it affect their opinion towards Danny. Here's the current top comment on Danny's debut episode for Game Grumps:

Danny got potential steam train doesn't

Some echoed the disappointment with the way in which both the new Game Grump host and new Steam Train show were announced:

  • So, I just want to say that I think Danny is great and all, but replacing Jon out of the blue like that was the worst, and the show will never be the same. I'm going to stay subbed for now (This may change), but as a loyal fan I just want to say that I'm very disappointed in the way this went down.
  • Sorry guys, I'm out. Been here since day one but this is nuts. I find it really hard to believe Jon genuinely just left to focus on JonTron with no warning, without physically appearing in videos with you and with so little active communication after the event. Even if that is the truth, this wasn't the way to break it to loyal fans. The communication surrounding this whole... thing has been a mess. Good luck with the future of 'Game Grumps'.

There's a thread on Reddit that's filled with mostly hurt-sounding comments at the news of the new composition of the show.

Not all of the reaction online has been completely negative, though. Some fans have taken to creating threads to commemorate some of the show's best moments between JonTron and Egoraptor. (Here's my favourite moment, recreated in Source Filmmaker by a fan.)

Others have created their own odes in the form of videos, like this one:

Here's the last Game Grumps episode to feature JonTron and Egoraptor:

Here's the first episode to feature Danny:

I've reached out to JonTron, Egoraptor and Danny to get their opinions on the responses they have received online, and I'll update this post should they respond.


    Nerds really are the biggest conservatives.

    Good riddance I say. I got sick of Jon's constant shouting and Ego fighting over his voice, and Jon repeating all of Ego's jokes but with his nasal voice. I stopped watching because of that.

    I watched the Punch Out episode and I liked it, I like this new guy.

      A lot of people like the new guy, they're more upset with Steam Train coming in how it did, and Jon leaving basically out of nowhere. Both on the same day. If they'd eased in these changes, I'm sure most fans would have coped better.

    So self-entitled, whiny youtubers who can't accept change of any kind are complaining and whining?

    Ok, message me when the Two Best Friends play split up and one of them is replaced by Woolie.

    Who cares? Guys like those two are a dime a dozen

    (btw, anyone got a lot of Samsung Smart TV images pop up through this article?)

    How dare they change their thing without consulting me! I'MMA SUE YOU ALL!

    Okay, as someone who has been watching Game Grumps from the very beginning, has seen every episode, has been watching Egoraptor since Metal Gear Awesome 2, has seen every episode of JonTron, every music video of NinjaSexParty, and most of Ross' animations, here is my outlook on the whole thing, whether or not is it of any value to you:

    For starters, the appeal of Game Grumps went beyond it being an LP. I started, and many other people started, watching Game Grumps because we were either fans of Ego or Jon (for me, it was Egoraptor; I was introducted to Jon through Game Grumps). With this being said, people watch Game Grumps for Arin and Jon, the games are secondary.

    As Game Grumps went on, the progression of the friendship between Ego and Jon was broadcasted for us to see. The special thing about Game Grumps was that, they didn't cut shit out. They didn't hide their flaws, and they didn't hide their arguments; we got to know them on a weirdly personal level, sort of knowing how the two went together. This made it feel like, if you were someone who watched the show everyday, you knew them, sort of as your friends. The point is, if you were to watch it everyday, it sort of becomes part of your life. Sounds ridiculous, some internet show where two psudo-famous internet comedians just screw around playing video games having that much significance? It does sound ridculous, but it's just the way it was.

    It was actually kind of therapudic, being able to get home from work and just listen to the banter of two guys you know really well, without actually knowing at all. It was kind of the kicks you get from hanging out with friends, without having to make an effort. It wasn't even just the funny parts; it was more than just funny, it was weirdly personal.

    I mean, you knew when Jon was being a bit of a dick in Game Grumps versus, you knew when Ego was feeling discouraged from all the Youtube comments on his new animations, you just knew these guys really well, because they didn't try to hide the fact that they're human. It's a really weird to see two entertainers broadcast some of the tensions that they may have between each other; they were real as fuck, is all I'm saying. I'm surprised when they didn't cut out a lot of the things they probably should have, like when Ego actually just plain left the room once, to come back and say he "just needed air/it was getting too hot."

    It sounds nuts from an outside perspective, but to all my fellow lovelies, this was the Game Grump's experience, basically.

    With that said, I'm a huge fan of Danny and NinjaSexParty and I'm a hude fan of Ross, but I don't think that they should continue Game Grumps. I think they should have just called it quits, ending it there and just giving it some closure and maintaining that certain level of authenticity the show had.

    Continuing the show makes it look like the show was ever about the games. It wasn't, and it's naive to think so; Game Grumps was about Jon and Arin being best friends, their struggles, their arguments and all the jokes and stupid shit that made it all worthwhile, the games were just the mutual interest that brought them together.

    I'm going to continue watching it, as I've been following Egoraptor's work for quite a while now, and I think he's a quality entertainer and a fairly smart dude (although often misunderstood). As for Steam Train though, maybe I'll watch it every now and then; the Castle Crashers episode this morning wasn't bad. Ultimately though, I'm off to watch Continue? and PBG Gameplay. I do wish Jon luck, and I'm seriously looking forward to more Jontrons, because they're fucking great.

    Game Grumps has made the past year a lot more bearable. Thanks to both Jon and Arin for providing some quality entertainment and some great memories.

    Last edited 27/06/13 1:41 pm

      I agree with everything you just said. It was just an average morning and I wake up ready to watch some game grumps, but instead I'm treated to a huge slap in the face. Right after I just watched a bunch of PBG to cheer up. Dan seems like a cool guy, but I would feel a lot better if he wasn't calling himself not so grump. Iv'e accepted it but I only wish that he had a two-weeks notice or something. They could have had a grand finale and beaten Sonic 06. This is going to take a while to get used to.

      I didn't know who any of these people were till I stumbled across Jon Tron quite by accident - he is a genius (kind of like AVGN on steroids) and frankly if he puts out more videos ill be a happy camper

    I love Game Grumps, but their fans are terrible.

    this was easily my favorite show on YouTube... Jon and Arin were such a good combination and played off each other very well...

    I watched the first episode with Danny and was less than impressed... they sound too similar... Danny doesn't have the same comedic delivery as Jon did and he sounds like he's doing more of a Let's Play than what Game Grumps really is and that was 2 friends messing about, making jokes, playing a game, talking about whatever popped into their heads... it was great...

    I'll still continue to watch Jon and Arin's work, but I think my time of watching Game Grumps is over :(

    Last edited 27/06/13 2:03 pm

    Luckily there is always Two Best Friends Play ^^

      sorry but i tried watching that... and its shit in comparison... i'm sure ppl love it... but its not for me :(

        Haha, you're entitled to your opinion.

      There's also A Bunch Aus Gamers

      I like their We Play series, but some of their solo stuff is terrible

        Oh really? I havent heard of them but next time i'm bored on teh internet i will look them up.

    I would have loved them to finish Sonic 06.
    HOWEVER. I was a Jontron fan first and foremost, So this is kind of giving me what i want. So im happy. AND THATS WHATS IMPORTANT!!!111eleventyone

      in a way i agree... i only knew about grumps from jon... didn't know who arin was but after checking out his work i have respect for him too... so yeah we'll get more work from jon but is arin going to do more of his stuff or keep dragging the train wreck (see what i did there?!) that the GameGrumps channel is becoming... toot toot

      Same. I wouldn't mind the change (heck, it's always good to freshen things up every now and then)

      But that Sonic 06 playthrough. It's dragged them through hell and 3/4 back. Would have been great if they could have made that last charge. Ah well, one day.

    I found game grumps through egoraptor, and after the first few episodes loved jon, and watched all of his jontron episodes.

    while i'm sad for him to go, if he keeps up with more jontron then i'm happy.

    Danny is pretty good, it's not the same as jon, and i'm happy for that, as if Danny just tried to replace jon it'd be bad, but he's instead being himself.

    Also, fans thinking that jon and ego have had some sort of falling out are over reacting, and are in denial that jon just didn't want to do game grumps any more.

      Yeah, they definitely didn't have a falling out. The two argue a lot and whatever, but those two could never stay mad at each other.

      I can see why he wouldn't want to do it anymore. I mean, just watching JonTron and the way he regards the show, he fucking loves it. You can tell he really cares about his own show quite a lot, and I'm kind of glad to see him go back to that, albiet sad because of how much I love Game Grumps.

      GG just didn't give him the time to focus on his own show, and I feel like it kind of removed him from the whole Normal Boots crowd, like PBG and all that. Could be wrong though, but that's kind of the impression I got.

      I'm excited to see some classic JonTron. Although, I would be happy to see some classic Egoraptor, too. I mean, like Newgrounds Egoraptor. I love his new animations and all that, but the old Girl Chan Egoraptor was really great; although I'm sure he hears that all the time. I kinda get the feeling that Ego has quite a bit of self doubt, only perpetuated by the stupidity that breeds within Game Grumps comment sections. Oh well, anything that man does is pretty much gold, so even when what he's doing now isn't as good as the stuff he used to do, it's still hilarious.

      Last edited 27/06/13 2:55 pm

    I don't know how people could enjoy that trash, those two were the most grating LPers ever.

      I like Game Grumps but I despise Two Best Friends Play. Go figure.

    Jontron and Egoraptor fought alot on the show and had alot of disagreements off screen, they've said it alot. I think there's more to this than meets the eye. >_> It's a bit weird for him to just up and go, I have a hunch that egoraptor got sick of him, or something like that.

    I think it's shame Danny's not being given a chance.
    I've watched a lot of GG, I love both Arin and Jon; they're both funny and talented at the things they do. Game Grumps was just this perfect combination of both and it's a shame to see it "end".

    But I watched the Punch Out episode yesterday, and despite never having heard of Danny, I thought he did a pretty good job. He can't possibly replace JonTron, but he's pretty good in his own right. I think in time, Danny will prove to be just as entertaining as Jon, even if he can't ever be Jon.

    Edits: I mean, hell, Jon left on his own accord. It's not like Danny pulled the trigger. He's innocent!

    Last edited 27/06/13 5:23 pm

    Does this mean you will hear any less incoherent yelling from these obnoxious cunts?
    Fewer lazy cynical videos shit out all over the faces of brain dead inbred twelve year old children while they slurp down that vile foetid ad-revenue?

    No. Nothing is going to change.

    A shame, I follow TBFP because I find them hilarious and they really know what they're talking about generally, but never really watched a lot of Game Grumps. Wasn't that long ago they started that duo thing was it? Seemed to be going so well :/ Ah well, these things happen.

    How could you not love ross?

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