Fez 2 Is Happening. It's Official.

This is a big surprise to me, I thought we'd seen the end of Fez, the cryptic, triptych platformer by Phil Fish, but Polytron has officially announced that Fez 2 is happening, and even showed off a debut trailer, which you can watch above.

The trailer shows practically, literally, nothing but I am happy that it exists.

Here's hoping it doesn't five and a half years to complete!

Via Edge


    Hopefully it will be released on PS Network and he can avoid being tortured to put in onto XBLA.

    Considering the dramas of the patch for the original on the 360, wonder if this game will abandon both Microsoft platforms.

    I'm surprised he's putting himself through it again. Seen Indie Game? The development of Fez almost killed him.

    Lawl, ETA is 5 years?

    no, it will be 2 dimensional
    but viewed from the side

    Oooo... Seems like it will be less pixelly? I hope not.

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