Final Fantasy VII's Train Graveyard Has Never Looked So Beautiful

The Sector 7 train graveyard, one of the earliest locations in Final Fantasy VII, was an empty and depressing place, filled only with entry level ghosts, a few potions and train wreckage. Jordangrimmer's fantastic reinterpretation expands the environment and fills it with life.

We all remember the original right?

Train Graveyard [DeviantART], FFWiki


    Wow, this looks great.. any 1080 versions floating around online? Nice work Jordangrimmer.

    They need a next gen remake of ff7.

      No way, they'll ruin it, just download the original from PSN :D

      Hell yeah! I would even be perfectly happy if they kept everything exactly the same but just updated the graphics. To the people who don't like remakes - you can always keep playing the original games, they're still accessible.

    original still looks better *folds arms stubbornly*

    Those ghosts had ghost hands you could steal which could absorb MP and would come in handy later in the game if you ran out of ethers. Also you could also steal a striking staff for Aerith here which was her most powerful weapon for quite a while.

    Is it sad that I still remember this?

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