Final Fantasy XV Is Not A PS4 Exclusive

Final Fantasy XV is coming to the PS4 and the Xbox One, Square Enix just announced. "FFXV is being developed with a tool called Direct X 11," Shinji Hashimoto said at today's Square Enix press conference.

"With this tool it's possible to port the title to various hardware," Hashimoto added. "Following yesterday's announcement [for PS4] we would like to announce that we are porting Final Fantasy XV to Xbox One as well." According to Hashimoto, the Xbox One release is worldwide and includes Japan as well.

According to Square Enix, the game is not scheduled for release during its current financial year, which ends on March 31, 2014.

Final Fantasy XV was originally announced as Final Fantasy Versus XIII in 2006. The game was slated to be a PlayStation 3 exclusive. Over the years, Square Enix repeatedly asserted that Final Fantasy Versus XIII was a PlayStation exclusive.

"As you know Versus XIII was created as part of the Fabula Novalis epic," Hashimoto said during a reporter Q&A. "While development was going on, the content and world expanded. To deliver in an appropriate way to the fans we figured this might be the perfect time to evolve the title to XV for the next-gen consoles."

When a reporter asked Hashimoto how far along Final Fantasy XV was, he said it was too early to say. "Development is moving forward," he added.

In 2012, Kotaku first reported that Final Fantasy Versus XIII had been folded into the next numeric Final Fantasy title.


    Oh no, now even more people can potentially enjoy a game that I myself will also potentially enjoy, only on a different platform.

      But the consoles are so similar in hardware, where will the fans get their epeen from if not from exclusives?

      This is a disaster. How else will people recognise that I'm better than them?!

      More like oh no, now there's less incentive for people to not bother with the XBone at all.

    Wow... DirectX! Never heard of that! Weirdest line I've ever heard as justification for a port

    “With this tool it’s possible to port the title to various hardware,” Hashimoto added.

    So will their be a PC port?
    With the new console hardware It should be easy to create PC ports of any game.

    As a PC gamer this sentence caused a chuckle. The mystical tool "Direct X 11" ahhhhhh oooOOoo.

      I know right, better make it's damn way to PC -_-

    Development is moving forward.. for expected release on the next next-gen consoles.

    *shrug* We kinda already knew this when they told us FF Versus was going to be a multi platform game a while back if I recall correctly? So why would that change?

      I dont think they ever confirmed it was multiplat. I think this is the first time it has been confirmed.

        Ah yep. Turns out just heavily rumored. Squeenix apparently lost a lot of money on Absolution and some on Tomb Raider (surprising? I thought that was a big hit?) so have gone entirely multi platform. Makes sense, that's where the money is.

          Yeah they lost on Tomb Raider, they set their break even point way too high if i read right.

            Pity, its a pretty good game, some clunky controls at times but still a decent game. Picked it up on GMG for iirc, about 20 bucks? Best purchase Ive made since Kerbal Space Program for 15 bucks :D

          I don't think they lost money, just didn't make as much as anticipated (which people mocked them for). Most of their games have development teams of 50-100 people, which makes them multi-million dollar investments if it's being developed for just one year; not the 3-5 year cycle they go by to produce the ridiculous amount of polish on their games. It's a shame really, I find SNES/PS1 Squaresoft games just as enjoyable and worthy of my money as any modern games but they'd never support a full-sized studio any more


            Nope. They lost money. All 102 million across 3 games. Sleeping Dogs, Hitman and Tombraider. Pity. All 3 were decent. Hitman probably just 'ok' but Sleeping Dogs and Tombraider were very good. Sleeping Dogs being exceptionally good.

          Does make sense. There was a rumour Sony was helping develop FFv13/15 but I doubt that is true now.

          I am surprised Tomb Raider didn't make (enough) money. I have yet to get it, waiting for it to go cheap.

    Awesome more moody emo FF!!!!

    Not like FFIX was the last decent one..........

      Not at all relevant to the article, but you never noticed that people complained that VII or VIII was 'moody' and 'emo' (I quite liked Cloud. Can't really remember Squall but he was just supposed to be a teenager so it made sense if he was). And Vaan from XII wasn't particularly 'moody' or 'emo' either (IIRC, was a while ago) and Tidus/Yuna only had moments. Nomura has said that he's focusing on character development, so hopefully it's well done.

        Oh cloud was moody and emo as fuck... try 7 again, its terribly so.

          Playing it now. Maybe I'm just moody and emo so I don't notice :)

    Surely if they're using the mystical magical tools of DX11 there's a good chance that the Xbox is the lead platform too? If not that would probably just complicate the development process.

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