Fine Art: Sure, A Giant Floating Whale, Why Not

A skywhale flew near my house once. True story. Xavier Etchepare is a senior concept artist at Ubisoft Montreal, where he's done stuff like character art and storyboards.

He's worked on games like the Just Dance series, but most of the stuff you'll see today is either personal or from old/abandoned projects.

You can see more of his work at his CGHub page and CGSociety page.

Fine Art is a celebration of the work of video game artists, showcasing the best of both their professional and personal portfolios.


    this is AWESOME! i love the last art work Tarzan vs King Kong hahaha

    yeah, this guy is a stand-out. that watercolour cgi work is amazing, and he can do both characters and scapes. way too much genius for one man

    love that rampaging sheep...that is a sheep right?

      If it's not meant to be a sheep, it should be now, lol. Awesome!

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