First Xbox One Consoles Come With Fancy Controllers, Achievement

To let those who get the very first Xbox One consoles feel just that little bit more special, Microsoft will be including specially branded controllers for those who reserve a "Day One" edition of the console. Available at "select retailers", the controller includes a small graphic saying "DAY ONE 2013" in the centre of the pad.

You'll also get an "exclusive achievement".


    Remember rrod? I am not buying a release console ever again. Not even for a crappy controller.

      Remember how they fixed the red ring of death. No risk when you have warranty.

        Unless it happened outside of the warranty period. Whcih happened to a lot of people until they extended the warranty for the RROD to 3 years.

          They still fixed it in the end. Just jeep your warranty up on after the aus consumet warranty runs out. Easy.

            Micro$oft: "lets release a console that doesn't work properly and finally fix it towards the end of the consoles life cycle" out of the 76million console sales worldwide... i guarantee that most of those sales are from the same person buying an xbox twice. i know that 90% of people i talk to have bought atleast 2.

              Haters gonna hate. If you keep your warranty up you are safe enough.

              Just to put things in perspective, ive gone through 6 360s & 3 ps3s. Still play the 360 more... because of the online service. Gta iv on ps3, waiting in the lobby for 15 mins and no one joins. On xbl I join an almost full lobby within seconds of confirming the game type.

              I know this is just me, but none of these requirements turn me off. Im just getting both at release. With plus and live.

              Last edited 13/06/13 8:52 am

          Didn't they refund everyone that paid for a RROD repair and extended their warranties too.


    no microsoft... no... you're drunk go home...

      Comeon Microsoft. No, no, I'm calling you a taxi. Comeon.

      I think we need to send Microsoft to AA. They seem to be drunk on a daily basis.

    They did a similar event for the launch of the 360. People who attended some event in the US got an exclusive gamerpic and memory card.

    Wow.. A normal controller with a printed on graphic saying you bought it day one, how can I resist!

      And don't forget the Achievement. OMG OMG OMG MICRO$OFT TAKE MY MONEY NOW.

    Achievement Unlocked!
    Got an Xbox One on Day One!


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