Forget Call Of Duty, I'm Hanging Out For This Hardcore PC Shooter

Bohemia Interactive's ArmA III is out later this year, and while for many the series' super hardcore simulation slant is off-putting, for me it's just about the perfect implementation of a military shooter. Or tank sim. Or jet combat game. Or truck driving simulator.

While the finished game isn't out for another few months, an alpha has been running for a while now, which has just transitioned into a beta. This video, actually put together by a member of the series' most dedicated fan group (ShackTactical), gives us a nice rundown of all the improvements that have been made to the game since people got their hands on it, and gives a breakdown of what the ArmA series actually is.


    I was going to say "All for the great price of $35", but its now $45 on Steam, still a great price.

      Oddly, 100 is even a fair price. Arma is a phenomenal product with truly something for everyone. And now diving! Plus it spawned DayZ! Its truly the game that keeps on giving.

    By the title Luke, it sounds as if you haven't got the game. I really recommend getting it and if making missions using the Editor is your thing check out Jester814 on youtube, he has a series of editor videos from beginners to advanced.

    Arma is the best FPS Military Sim on the market and beats out BF and COD hands down, not to say those aren't good games, I have both but Arma is by far the superior One.

    Frigging SWEET. I want a game like COD, but with better bullet simulation, but with less arcade of battlefeild series. I think this is right up my alley. and its the 3rd version of ARMA so it should be a good working game by now. But its on STEAM GRRRR why dont developers dump this POS delivery! Im sick of having to be online just to play games grrrrr

    Dslyecxi does make some good vids, mostly Arma2 for the moment but still definitely worth a watch:

    Jester814 does more Arma3 ones which are also pretty cool:

    I've also made a couple, not very good but I only got the capture software last week: (Alternate run of the exact same mission that ended up radically different:

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