Forza 5 Trailer Has Those Next-Gen Sports Cars, Jesus Rays

Here’s the problem with these next-gen consoles, and driving games in particular: as good as this Forza 5 trailer looks, just how much better does it look than Forza 4?


  • One thing I’ve hated about every 3D racing game since Ridge Racer is the previews/trailers that show the game from angles YOU NEVER SEE when actually playing them. Enough with this already, make it exciting in driving view, any game can look ‘wow!’ through scripted camera work. Or are people just playing racing games for watching the replays these days? Wouldn’t surprise me.

    And what’s even sadder is that in-game it probably looks even more like the last one.

  • Yeah, it looks like any other racing game really… Oh and I think you meant “Crepuscular rays”.

  • worse than looking like any other racing game, ten bucks says it drives like every other racing game too

  • Played a lot of Forza 4. Wasn’t much fun though. Don’t think I’ll pick this one up if I get an Xbone. It looks much the same. Sigh 🙁

    • Just xbox one.
      Jusr ignore it. All MS do is release games that are a slight tweak of a release 2 years before.

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