Francis Is Crying Because Sony Won The Console War


Well, he’s still mostly just mad at Microsoft. Furious, even. But you know Francis; he’s pretty much mad all the time.


  • 1: this guy should watch supersize me
    2: I have noticed Kotaku seems to have something against Microsoft… Real professional guys! perhaps someone should tell you how journalism works?

    • I wouldn’t say Kotaku has something against Microsoft, they seem to get an equal coverage here. Problem is they also seem to be taking their products in a direction which is counter intuitive to what the consumer and fan bases want. Hard to report positively about a company that keeps disappointing or frustrating its users. This fat guy probably shouldn’t be here, it isn’t funny to pick on him for being fat, and isn’t healthy to promote his videos as he may think his weight is his marker for popularity. But Sony kicked arse at E3, while Microsoft kicked us at E3, whether this reflects the end game, remains to be seen.

    • 1: This guy is trying to lose weight, he has a vlog on it.
      1.5: The character you see watching these videos are made up, his real personality I hear is really nice and straight forward.
      2: Of coarse there will be bias when one company offers you freedom with the next gen console and the other doesn’t.

    • Just look anywhere, the Xbox One has roughly the same response across most gaming sites. People don’t like getting screwed

    • Microsoft have anti consumer bias…. Kotaku are doing us a favour and calling them out. As is Boogie (Francis). You are just blind to the fact Microsoft fucked up…. Big time.

  • I predict that once the fallout of the announcements around DRM and privacy issues settles down, people will still buy plenty of Xbox One consoles. What Xbox has going for it that the PlayStation still needs to catch up on (and probably will this generation) is Xbox Live.

    It’s a big reason that seems largely ignored, as to why people will stick to the Xbox regardless of the ‘issues’ it’s perceived to have.

    • I’ve never seen what people enjoy about xbox live. Isn’t it just full of kids trash talking? Why would they need to keep up with that? I mostly mute people online. It’s usually just some dickhead making noises.

      • Ever since party chat was implemented on Xbox Live, less people were talking in the lobbies. It actually used to be an awesome community to begin with. I think CoD 4/when the console started getting cheaper was when it started getting bad.

      • I hope that PS+ doesn’t go like that, with the PS4 being the cheaper console now 🙁

        I will have to go Full PC then…

        • I’ll tell you what though. $40 which is roughly how much Live is per year when purchased online, has been well worth paying over the last few years. If I could get the same service on the PS3 for that price, I’d pay any day.

      • As @thegamerguy mentioned, party chat is fantastic. That social aspect of Xbox Live was really well implemented. Being able to chat with your friends in/outside of a game really nailed it. I sometimes jump on the Xbox just to chat with friends. Wireless headset on and I can even cook dinner while they’re busy playing a game. I miss that on my PS3.

        EDIT: The issue with having to mute people online plagues both consoles anyway. In my opinion, Xbox Live is more useful for chatting with people in your friend’s list than anything else it has to offer. I almost look at it like a $40 yearly addition to my phone subscription to keep in touch with people.

    • I think there will still be plenty of people who buy the XBox One. Some because of XBL – if all their friends are on there and not shifting then some people might not want to change either. But also just because there are a lot of people who have only owned XBox and won’t really consider anything else, they’ll just buy it because they’ve always had XBox. Those aren’t the kinds of people who read sites like this. But I suspect a lot of them also aren’t the kind of people who buy a lot of games. They might buy COD and maybe a FIFA or Madden every year and just play them all year but perhaps not a lot of other stuff. Which is great for Activision and EA, but not so great for others.

      But regardless, there’s still a fair while before launch. There’s probably not much MS can do at this point to get the console’s specs up to PS4’s level, but they may still be able to do some back pedalling in terms of their policies around internet connections and used games etc. Or maybe they just don’t care and they’re willing to sacrifice the core gaming audience in the pursuit of the above-mentioned COD-casual crowd who don’t really know or care about the restrictions and limitations being imposed on it and are also probably more likely to be interested in their TV and sports offerings. That may come at the cost of MS’s market become even more US-centric than it already is, though.

      • Yeah they really need to consider back pedaling on their DRM, used games and 24h connection policy. It’s going to disrupt their sales. And I’m not sure if the benefit they seek to gain from those things (i.e. perhaps a reduction in piracy) will outweigh the loss of sales.

        I think what Microsoft have ultimately done is to assume that gamers will buy their console because, well, it plays games. That was always a given. So they tried to differentiate themselves from Sony by spruiking the other stuff it can do, in hope that they’ll capture a wider demographic.

        That’s also why they had that arguably non-game centric launch last month which was focused on TV and sports, knowing very well that E3 was just around the corner and gamers would get a glimpse of what the lineup would be.

        • True, although the problem with that is that Sony also had games to show. I think they both probably broke about even in terms of actual games, which seems odd given MS’s claims to have spent $1 billion on games for XBox One. It’s not that the games they showed looked bad or anything, but nor did it really look like a billion dollars worth.

          But breaking even on games means it comes back to other stuff, and the DRM is just hanging over everything MS says or does at the moment. And cancelling most of their post-conference interviews really doesn’t help them much – it looks like they’re running away from the fight.

          Right now they’re in the same kind of position Sony were in when they launched PS3. Sony eventually turned it around, but only after eating several very large helpings of humble pie. MS need to do the same, and the sooner they do it, the better it’ll be for them in the long run.

  • wow that guy started of sounding like cartman then got really annoying, anyhow, i was going to buy a ps4 anyway, dont care about the xbox one shit, PS4 all the way, been a playstation fan since the PS1 and thats not about to change

    • I was just about to say that, holy crap does he resemble Cartman so well… No Kitty thats my bag of Doritos!!

  • I think you’re on the right track Mike. MSFT is obviously prepared to take a hit in the hardcore game market while it pursues the main game for Xbone; owning your living room entertainment ecosystem (at least in the US). They are trying to be One device that does PVR, TV enhancement, 2nd screen with SmartGlass & Windows, movies and TV and music streaming. They are aiming at a much wider audience than just gamers – they want to win the battle with Google and Apple for everyone who owns a connected TV. Of course it will play games – and if MSFT keep doing what they’ve done with 360 they will be good games that people will want to play. Meanwhile if hardcore gamers are a bit pissed they will hope to win you back in a year or two when more games keep rolling off the production line.
    And while DRM obviously sucks remember that game publishers want this too, it’s not just MSFT. As for always on; well what kind of new features might be possible if you have game saves stored in the cloud? I’d love to be able to manage my XCOM soldiers and base in between missions. I’d love to manage my FIFA team and make transfers in between competitive games.
    This is a new architecture – it’s different because they are looking 5-10 years down the track at what kind of entertainment they want to offer us.
    Now I’m not entirely convinced that putting the boot into your core market (gamers) is a wise decision, that kind of sentiment can grow out of proportion quickly. MSFT need to do a better job of showing us the long term context so that gamers can understand why they’ve made these decisions instead of letting gamers think it’s because they are a bunch of d1cks.

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