Game Gets Gay Marriage, Because Kickstarter

Double Fine's strategy game Massive Chalice will let you get married and make babies. But wait a minute. What if two dudes/ladies want to get married?

Well, the game didn't originally support it.

"That was something I got kinda blindsided by", Double Fine's Brad Muir tells Rock Paper Shotgun. "That was really unfortunate. It kinda makes me feel shitty that it’s not something I’d thought of. I think it’s sort of hetero privilege that I didn’t see it coming.”

Here's where it gets interesting: gay marriage is now in the game, and it's because of Kickstarter.

“We brought it [via Kickstarter] to a broader group of people, and then there were some people who brought it up and wanted to talk about it. There’s a raging thread on our forums.”

If they'd taken the game straight to a publisher, the old-fashioned way, that would never have happened. So, say what you will about Kickstarter's merits as a finding method, it's certainly useful for the most important kind of focus-testing imaginable: with the people already promising to buy your game.

How Kickstarter Got Gay Marriage Into Massive Chalice [Rock, Paper, Shotgun]


    this is cool, about 8% of people are gay after all, they deserve representation.

    Brad Muir didn't check his privilege.

    although in all seriousness it's good to see them add it in after it was brought up, since I wouldn't be surprised if the thought just never occurred to them until too late in the process for it to be acted on.

    *Goes to back Massive Chalice*

    Kudos to Brad Muir for not hiding behind corporate bullshit. "I feel shitty I forgot about it, and now I've changed it" is the sort of honesty we all need a LOT more of.

    The sooner we stop thinking of marriage and gay marriage as separate things the better.
    It's just marriage, regardless of the subjects.

    I'm pro marriage, it isn't something I'd think of for Massive Chalice either though. As much as two people can love each other, they still can't produce a line of offspring if their parts don't fit.

    Isn't the marriage in the game for passing on your heroes genes to their offspring?
    Does the game now also feature adoption and surrogacy?

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