Get Your (Virtual) Ass To Mars

ArmA developers Bohemia Interactive picked a bad week to announce Take On Mars, a new simulation game that has you rolling, bouncing and cutting your way across the red planet doing all kinds of boring science stuff. How they expected it to compete against the blockbuster stuff being shown I have no idea.

Lucky for them, there are tragics like me love Mars, love eccentric PC simulation games and have had just about enough about writing about shooting games this week, thanks.

It's due out in Q3 on PC and will be budget-priced.


    The negative you used at the start, its really annoying, other than a great way to make people read your article. Put more detail into your description.

    I don't think I'll bother... I tried Take On Helicopters.

    The game was fine and all, if a smidge boring... but it runs like a dog.
    And not a good young healthy dog either, like a dog so old it's barely alive.

    Almost any other game, even ARMA 3 maxed out settings (view distance aside), 60fps.

    Last edited 13/06/13 6:40 pm

    I read that this game plays in real-time... From the initial launch on Earth.

      Does that mean it will take 9 years to play?

        Give or take. Should last us all of the next generation of console gaming.

    Arse. An ass is a donkey.

    Must resist, playing, ah to hell with that. I'm aboard.

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