Go And Buy Cannon Fodder For $2.39. Do It Now.

Go And Buy Cannon Fodder For $2.39. Do It Now.

Good Old Games is running a weekend special on Codemasters titles right now, which includes… yawn… Leisure Suit Larry games… Sensi 2006… and CANNON FODDER? SHUT UP AND TAKE VERY LITTLE OF MY MONEY!

As with all things GOG, it’s the PC version of Cannon Fodder running via Dosbox, which means it’ll also run on a Mac — and I can attest to that, having been doing so since I spotted it. The system requirements are of course so astonishingly rudimentary that I’m happy to say that it will run on your PC, as long as you’ve actually updated it since, say, the turn of the century.

So why bother with Cannon Fodder? Simply because, despite its age, it’s still an immensely playable war game with a very strong satirical streak sitting underneath it. Way before it became fashionable to actually decry rather than celebrate shooting people, Cannon Fodder was poking not-so-gentle fun at the concept, if only by the tombstones that accumulate on the main screen as your crew is slowly depleted. I don’t want to think about how many times I’ve sent poor, stupid Jools, Jops and Stoo to their deaths. The horror. The horror.

The only thing you don’t get, what with it being the PC version rather than the sweet Amiga original, is that theme song. What theme song, I hear you ask?

Cannon Fodder [Good Old Games]


  • I’m actually surprised there hasn’t been a modern reboot for Cannon Fodder (that I’m aware of anyway).

    Game was awesome.

    • Never… ever… Google “Cannon Fodder 3”.

      Trust me on this. You’re better off not knowing.

      • So I looked it up anyway.

        It looks pretty bad, and not developed by the original dudes… shame.
        I shall re-work my comment to:
        “I’m actually surprised there hasn’t been a faithful, and well done modern reboot for Cannon Fodder.”


  • i played the bejeebus out of this game on my Sega Megadrive. i miss it sooo much. 🙁

  • Buy it? But I still have the original cannon fodder in a box.. right next to its sequel.

    • Excuse accepted. Points deducted for mentioning something called a “sequel”.


  • You do realise that the theme song is now stuck in my head for at least a week… curse you!!!!

    • Points deducted for implying there was any more than 1 “CF Game”.


    • Relative power of Amiga sound hardware to what could be expected on a PC at the time, methinks.

    • Mainstream PC audio hardware at the time was only capable of low quality FM synthesis. To get something sounding this good, you really needed hardware capable of sampled audio.

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