Good News: PlayStation Plus Memberships Will Carry Onto The PS4.

Good news: PlayStation Plus memberships will carry onto the PS4.


    How much is a plus account?

      I think it's $19.95 for 3 months or $69.95 for a year. Very reasonable considering all the games you get.

        Reasonable??? Not so sure when it's been $50usd forever...NO reason for a price gouge like that regionally considering it is all digital content. Oh and we get access to less content than the yanks too...

        The only thing Sony have to do to with all these announcements to complete the win is to announce some decent price parity across regions...until then, fuck em

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          Not sure why you think we get less content than the Yanks, we get the same content as in EU, and often have the US subscribers complaining about x, y and z games we got and they didn't. Certainly in quantity it matches, and in quality it's far better. Compare the current games in the sidebar at and see for yourself.

          You do not get access to less content

          In fact, the EU/AU Plus regularly gets better content than the US Plus service

          Check facts, not that hard

            I've had accounts on both the AU and NA stores and early on there was a big difference in content...kudos if they've fixed it up but still doesn't explain the price diff, which is the main reason I won't touch it

    according to the video, its $5 us, might be a price change incoming for aus

    Evil monkey has the right of it. Perhaps it's 5 usd per month there Zar?

    Given I have a Vita and a PS3 I've had a Plus subscription for a while, it was good value even excluding the whole multiplayerside of things which wasn't needed until now.

    I wonder if the free monthly games will be different for the PS3 and PS4 (or same game on both platforms)? If so, that's 3 free games per month, which is pretty sweet.

    Sold, seriously.. this is such great news, thanks Sony.
    I've got PS+ on both PS3 and Vita, and I'm impressed. Before I signed up for PS+, I had just got the Vita, but my PS3 had 22 games - I thought I bought / had all the PS3 games I wanted.. wrong!
    PS+ saves Vita, but interestingly, I've got good quality / high games for my PS3 which I didn't even consider. Worth every cent.

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