Gran Turismo 6 Looks Amazing—On The PlayStation 3

This video for Gran Turismo 6 makes it hard to remember that this is, ahem, “just” a current-generation console game.

New physics engine, new tire modelling, new aerodynamics model, I can nod my head approvingly and pretend I know what all that means, really. A new rendering engine? Adoptive tesselation? Just keep nodding and smiling.


    • Yeah, they are different games. If you still don’t realize that they both fill different needs then you’ve been under a rock for a while.

  • Agreeed Danny! and I think releasing this for the PS3 was stupid! i’m waiting till GT6 is actually out on shelves, and then ill buy a new wheel PS4 and GT6. I wont be burned again from SOny. But I agree Sony just killed it in terms of offering a much more powerful product. and better software (the only deciding factor will be how well that software works)

  • if you look back at the PS life cycles, PD have always released 2 GT games.

    -GT1 released in ’97 – 3 years into the PS1 life cycle. PD’s first full on racing title (They did make Motor Toon GP and Motor Toon GP 2 in ’94 and ’96)
    -GT2 released in ’99 – pretty much at the end of the PS1 life cycle – two disc game pretty much showed off the PS1 at full tilt and PD also cashed in on the success of GT1
    -GT3 released in 2001 – at the start of the PS2 life cycle
    -GT4 released in 2005 – technically at the end of PS2 life cycle (even though the PS2 stopped selling in Japan as of 2012) – pushed the PS2 to the limit
    -GT5 released in 2010 – 4 years into the PS3 life cycle – although it should have been a launch title
    -GT6 releasing in 2013 – pretty much at the end of the PS3 life cycle. this is what GT5 should have been…it seems PD had been constantly working on this when GT5 came out (since Kaz wants it to be perfect) – seems to show off what the PS3 can do when pushed to the limit

    I know that Kaz has admitted that a PlayStation 4 version of Gran Turismo 6 is under consideration as Polyphony has a next-gen version “in mind”…following their MO over the last three consoles then it will be GT7 and most likely come out sometime in 2014-2015. At least coding wise it would be a lot easier to work off the PS4 than the PS3

    I know there have been other games that have showed off the consoles power but GT was always one of those titles that does it well

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