Halo CE's Legendary Pistol Gets The 3D Printing Treatment

Like most people who grew up playing Halo, I love the original Halo pistol. I loved the scope, its accuracy. I loved the fact you could three shot kill some poor fool from across the map in multiplayer. Now, via the magic of 3D printing, it's possible to create the closest thing we've yet seen to a real life replica of the legendary weapon.

For comparison's sake, I've chucked the actual render above. It's pretty close! Almost perfect you might say.

I want one. Let the naysayers naysay about how overpowered Halo CE's pistol was, I still long for the Halcyon days. Smashing fools from a distance. Back when these old reflexes were still sharp.


3D printed Halo Combat Evolved Pistol [3ders]


    Let the naysayers naysay? Does that include Bungie? Who said it was a mistake to test the game by changing it from a 6 shot down to a 3 shot right before the game shipped?

    Now run over to Plecter Labs and grab yourself a Blaster Core!


    Now these are the kind of 3D printed guns we can get behind!

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