Halo Coming To Xbox One In Some Form

Surprise? Halo will eventually come to the Xbox One. It'll run at 60 FPS, which is a first. And if the footage we've been shown so far is accurate, it kind of looks like a gritty Journey.


    Whose were the dog tags... and at this point in the fiction several Spartans are still alive.

      It's the little memory chip thingy used to house cortana...

    just cause captain king is in the desert with rags on doesnt compare to journey

      Honestly, when the trailer came on my first thought was "This looks like Journey." It wasn't until the machine rose out of the sand that I realised it was probably Halo.

        I actually thought I was seeing a video game version of Dune.

    This will be the only reason I will ever buy a xbone

    Been madly in love with Halo since the beginning, but was utterly underwhelmed by 4, so... eh :/

    It'll be fun to see this go up against Destiny

      I don't think destiny will be particularly good but we will soon see?

    Why wear a cloak and hood when you've got a state of the art set of armour and helmet on????

    I actually said when watching e3 live last night I bet they announce a halo 5. Then this came on and what a way to launch a title!

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    so keen for the new halo but what was the point of the cloak ? I mean he has armour worth heaps and decides to wear a rag !

      Wouldn't want sand getting all up in the cracks and crevices of yo' armour

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