Have A Good Look At Final Fantasy XV Gameplay

Excited about Final Fantasy XV? Want to see more footage of FFXV gameplay. Here ya go.


    What ever happened to Final Fantasy? Oh how I long for the medieval and steampunk adventures of old.

      Me too... I was hoping XV was going to be that game actually. :(

      Let's just hope that Square make XVersus epic enough to not need 2 sequels and get working on XVI fast!

      I have only ever heard the description steam punk applied to FFVII and even then to Midgar alone.
      I have found that just about every FF has created a world that combines both futuristic and medievil aspects to varying degree's.

      I kind of get where you are coming from though, it has been a while since we have had a game that felt like 1-10, 12 and 13 didn't do it for me

    It may not be the final fantasy of old, but this looks pretty darn cool.

    They seem to have matched the same kind of graphical quality they had in the movie Final Fantasy 7: Advent Children, but in realtime. Impressive.

    Also the mechanics look to be more like FF7: Crisis Core on the PSP, which should be interesting.

    And here I thought the project was dead. Lets hope they get Final Fantasy Agito/Zero out in English at some stage for PSP Vita as well

      Are you kidding!?
      This looks way more impressive than Advent Children...

    7 years is a long freakin wait.. But mah lawwwd. Gimme!

    Square enix is this forreal? You're finally going to make up for all the bullshit you have made fans endure for so long. I won't even hate you anymore for you never making a proper sequel to final fantasy tactics

    i wonder if all this can be done by just pushing X ?

    So now its an hack and slash, good enough for me

    It looks ok. Ok but not great. If I wanted this type of gameplay I could go and get Dynasty Warriors or even KH1/2 and now 3.

    I want a turn based RPG FF again, and not active shit like 13. I think FFX had the ultimate battle system. Character progression could have been improved (although the sphere grid was great). But damn, that battle system in FFX was amazing.

    Then they screwed the pooch with FFX-2, but the battle system was hardly even the start of that game's problems.

    Hell yes! It looks like it might be going for something in between Crisis Core and Kingdom Hearts in terms of battle mechanics, and this makes me very happy indeed. Visually stunning, too. Teleportation by sword is also too awesome for words.

    I'm not too concerned about the ultra-linear hallways of FF13 anymore either since FF13-2 took that advice on board quite solidly (and since this game was meant to be 'in competition' with the FF13 team...). High hopes! Gah I hope we won't have to wait too long for the English version.

    Also appreciate the little disclaimer at the start, refreshing to see after the Aliens debacle.

    If this is as freeform as it looks and has the same stylish and smooth combat as games like Bayonetta and Devil May Cry then I am incredibly excited for FFXV. This was the game I was hoping Lighting Returns would be.

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