Have Some World Of Tanks With Your 360

World of Tanks is coming free-to-play to Xbox 360 later this winter. If you want to get in on the beta preceding it, developer Wargaming.net is taking applications right now.

Announcing World of Tanks: Xbox 360 Edition [World of Tanks]


    Except you need an Xbox Live gold subscription :( Play it on PC for true f2p.

      free-to-play* (for around $7 per month)

        It is actually free to play. You can play it as much as you like for free. If you want to spend money for in-game gold on top of that, that's your perogative.

          The point unholyjew and sabrescene were making was that you need an xbox live gold subscription to play the game to begin with.

          Last edited 16/06/13 8:08 pm

            A subscription that you've got anyway to play other games online.

            I doubt anyone's going to sign up for an xbox live gold subscription for the single purpose of playing WoT.

    Something else to note on this one

    Quote from T&C's
    "Beta participation is currently limited to only the residents of the United States and Canada"

    This should be taken down from the AUS Kotaku site.

    They are lying pretty badly in regards to how they are representing the speed, pace and fun of the game with that video... stretching the truth on Free to Play is the least of the consumers problem.

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