Heaven Is A Device That Lets You Eat A Burger While Playing Games

These contraptions were given away by Burger King in Puerto Rico earlier in the year. Apparently as a joke. But that video is no joke.

A device that holds a burger for you — or anything really, you could put chips or a casserole in there — while you're gaming would be for many a must-buy. Even if you could only eat half the burger before having to slurp.

Yes, it's lazy. Horse-like, even.

Burger King Hands-Free Whopper AKA The Human Feedbag [Technabob]


    We're supposed to have flying cars and hoverboards in 2 years. I think there's been too much procrastinating going on....

      Something tells me when we've got feedbags suggested for humanity, hoverboards are way off :\

    Heaven? Really?

    would be for many a must-buy.

    Idiocracy, has truly come to life now, no longer just a movie. So Mr Plunkett we're ok with having people have feedbags attached to them? There's something absolutely repugnant about this device.

    These devices would only appeal to the laziest of the lazy, with the true irony being that it would take more time to set up and place the burger, then more time to EAT the damn thing than it would with your hands. *shrug*

    I read this on gizmodo a week ago.


    This is such an idiotic idea. Only the morbidly obese would find this even the least bit appealing.

    Last edited 05/06/13 9:41 am

    Just something to add onto our current problem with obesity.

    "Yes, it’s lazy. Horse-like, even.". You mean human-like? I wouldn't suggest that horses go out and sew themselves up a nice big bag to put their oats in, where they can conveniently bury their face and eat all day long ... I think you will find that it all comes back to a human way of thinking. Because, after all, it's what we do best as a species - thinking up new ways of doing less work and being lazy (and don't you deserve it? *cheesy advertising man doing his best impersonation of a sympathetic voice to your never ending plight of having to move your fat ass to get anything done around here*).

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