Here Is All The Gameplay From This Morning's Call Of Duty: Ghosts Reveal

Activision's Call of Duty: Ghosts presentation took place at a red-eye inducing 4am this morning. Some crazy folks stayed up to watch it, but in case you didn't we have all the gameplay footage here.

It was hard to get a real sense of the game's visuals from the stream, but I couldn't help but feel a little disappointed by how heavily Infinity Ward has stuck to the structure of previous Call of Duty games. I understand that Call of Duty has to look and feel like Call of Duty — I fully expected to see a well structured, very linear action sequence — but it felt a little too familiar, even down to the individual beats of the action. The slow paced, 'follow me' section, the 'you take these two guys, I'll get this guy' part. The escape from the explosions sequence. I remember being captivated the first time Infinity Ward put together this kind of sequence, but now it feels overly familiar. The fact that it was all underwater was interesting, but it's still the precise same pacing.

I was more impressed by the section featuring 'Riley' the dog. As fun as it is to make fun, it looks as though using the dog in Call of Duty is going to be something fresh for the series. We've seen first-person shooters use 'drone-style' gadgets in games before and this is an extension of that. It actually works well as a brief switch up and I expect 'Riley' to feature pretty heavily in the game.

He's still going to die though. Or, at the very least, get shot like at the end of Turner and Hooch and then live to sire a litter of Call of Duty puppies.

This is my dream.


    oh my god i have a half german shepard called riley
    this game is based on my life or something

      I have a brother named Riley who is in Germany, but he's not a dog

    Sorry Activision, it's going to take more than a remote control dog to get me to buy another COD game. Nothing in those videos wowed me, perhaps MS bought all of the good video for their conference?

    There's only two questions to be asked here:
    Can you strap C4 to the dog?
    Can you feed C4 to the dog to leave 'ordnance drops' on the battlefield?

    Enquiring minds need to know.

      Another question. Is there a "pet dog" button?
      there has to be a pet dog button...

    Don't guns not work underwater?Hence spear guns, the water pressure stops the bullet in about a meter or two of water and the primer on the bullet won;t ignite.

      Have you not heard of magic guns?

        Yeah, sif someone would not know what magic guns are.

          Look up supercavitating ammo; bullets/darts that use tricks of hydrodynamics to vaporize the water around the projectile, allowing great speed, range, accuracy, and extra heat damage upon impact. Both the USSR and the US have made guns that use this tech.

            Shhh. You're ruining everyones sarcasm.

      Developed by the Soviet Union in the 70's... apparently the yanks have something similar.
      What I want to know is does sonar really create that kind of pressure wave when used?

        Sonar doesn't really do that. its just a gimmick for the game

      Its a Russian APS, Underwater assault rifle. They are a real weapon

    Woah, I had to rub my eyes in disbelief but did those fish actually swim away from you? Somebody pinch me, I'm in next-gen heaven!

    GOTY if IW can make birds fly away when you approach them on land

    Didn't Dead To Rights: Retribution already do the whole dog companion thing? Just seems like they are ripping it off.

    Every new entry in the series seems to have less player control and more scripted play. Just cut the single player already and make it into a B grade, US centric movie?

    Having not played a CoD game since Black Ops I MIGHT play this one, but only when it costs like $20, so in about 15 years time.

    But so much grey

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    Thanks for the Turner and Hooch spoiler. I was planning to watch it tonight but now I have to watch K9

    That dog is bloody TERRIFYING!

    Why is he not the entire game? Imagine it, a stealth game where you play as a badass dog, and occasionally you can tell your handler to shoot some guy out of your reach

      He can't be in the whole game because they have to kill him at some point for a DRAMATIC EMOTIONAL MOMENT.

      Video games, where cheap and obvious narrative cash in's are always the best choice. :P

    The part I found the coolest was the hostiles bursting out of the door, with a dog hanging off an arm, but the video just screams "on-rails shooter" to me.

    The bubbles that keep drifting past his face and from the head of his companion in the video should not be there. One of the main advantages of re-breathers (which is what they're wearing) is that they specifically do not produce bubbles and thereby give away their position to anyone watching on the surface. It's a small thing, but it stopped me from getting into the video.

      Yeah but the dog is the only thing based on a scan of a real thing.
      The rest of the game is trying to out crap the previous titles.

    Seems like infinity ward have finally gone full retard.

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