Here's Lucky Peach, From The Creator Of The Addictive ASCII Adventure Candy Box

We know Mark (and indeed, the local Kotaku readership) went a bit nuts over Candy Box. Actually, it stuck around in an open tab on my PC longer than I expected. Lucky Peach is from the same guy, "aniwey" and while it shares a familiar look and feel, it doesn't hold a flaming sword to his previous opus.

This is to be expected however — Lucky Peach is a commissioned work to promote a quarterly magazine of the same name. The issue in question is focused on travel and as such, Lucky Peach (the game) is about one man's quest to consume the open sea's various delicious bounties, including hamburgers and of course, candies.

Eating this scrumptious flotsam will make your character gain weight, while healthier meals (apples, predominantly) will make you drop the kilos. In typical gaming style, crashing into these morsels is enough to teleport them into your stomach.

Confused? If it helps, your character is in a row boat.

As mentioned, it's no Candy Box, but it's still a nice diversion for a Saturday morning.

Lucky Peach [aniwey via IndieGames]


    Disappointingly terrible after the awesome candybox.
    One game inspired by candybox is way better -

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