Here's Some Leaked Footage From The DayZ Game

Last year's hottest mod will this year become its own standalone game, and while we're yet to get an official look at how DayZ is shaping up, this leaked footage gives us a few hints.

I say only a few hints because this appears to be early code for the game, missing key features and polish, and obviously not intended for general consumption without warnings like this one, warning you it's missing key features and polish and was not intended for general consumption.

So, yes, to the untrained eye, it looks a lot like DayZ the mod, albeit one with the earliest stages of a new inventory system.

Leaked DayZ Standalone Gameplay [YouTube, via PC Gamer]


    Inventory system looks like the Minecraft one, which is awesome.
    Also good to see the early stages of new zombie animations and behaviour, and some interesting new landmarks.

    Framerates on all these leak videos look horrible.

    So they're not building it on the back of ARMA3? That's rather a shame

      They always said it would be on the Arma 2 engine, albeit with some enhancements. Arma 2.5, I guess.

        Yeah I remember hearing that but then since arma2 content ports so damned easily into arma3, I was hoping they'd have changed their minds

          Man, DayZ standalone on Arma 3 engine would be amazing.

        RV3, it's not Arma 2.5. There have been a few things taken from Take on Helicopters like the cloud system and they mentioned things from Arma 3 like using the way they did grass sprites in A3. The engine has been redesigned so technically it's now it's own MMO engine.

    Looks like Zelenogorsk Supermarket. Landscape seems correct too - just some modified buildings, etc.

      Definitely Zeleno, you can see Grenn Mountain in the background.

    I wish they'd cut down on the emphasis of the footsteps. We don't really pay attention to our footsteps in real life do we? It always seems too loud.

    We like short shorts!
    Who wears short shorts..

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