Here's The First Gameplay Footage For Destiny

Most of what we've seen of Destiny, Bungie's upcoming "shared world shooter,"had been stuff like CGI trailers or concept art. It still managed to look epic, sure, but that doesn't compare to what we were shown today during Sony's E3 press conference.

Here's the first gameplay footage for Destiny — which features shooting (duh), customisation, and some alien-lookin dudes.


    Game looks fun, but that banter between the players was terrible.

      I thought so too, The way he was like 'Comon...You comin? There ya go, I knew you'd make it!'

      In reality that translates to: 'Hurry the fuck up'
      Nothing worse than playing Coop with somebody who's slow or Afks frequently

    I was excited for Destiny having seen the concept art and stuff, but to be honest this doesn't look like a next-gen game.

      Well they did start making it well and truly before the xbox one was going to happen, so everything they were working on was being tested on the 360.

    Im going to be the unpopular one.

    Destiny seems to play like Halo, but just not called halo. Even that Titan armor looked like a spartan.

    I think i will pass

    I'm interested but not until it's on PC.

    This isn't technically the first gameplay we've seen, but it is awesome nonetheless.

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