Here's The Xbox One's Spiffy New Headset

It's currently PlayStation E3 press conference time, but some people need to see the new Xbox One headset right now. That someone might be you.


    not me.

    Does this have drm too?

      These jokes are all the same and I crack up every single time.

      Yes, and it can only connect to one controller. If you wish to connect it to another controller you must pay a small fee.

        That small fee is the full price of the headset

          Microsoft has announced that up to 10 members of your family are able to use the same headset.

    Its like an old Shopping trolley, only connects when you swipe your CC for a 50c deposit, only this time when you return it you don't get your 50c back.

    Dammit with an idea like that EA would hire me on the spot!!!

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    So they went usb? Here's hoping turtle beach make an adaptor so old turtle beach headsets work with Xbox one but I'm not holding my breath

      Turtle beach are making adapters so you can use your old ones on it

        Is that confirmed? Got a link?

          Its in this article

    Looks like a USB connection - if so we sould see some good third party headsets in no time at all.

      It'll probably be proprietary so no one will be able to make a 3rd party headset unless they pay huge amounts to license it. Like how there aren't many 3rd party wired controllers for the 360 now, even though it is USB.

    That looks hideous and beyond cheap. Blergh.

    Luckily there's gonna be plenty of alternatives to it pretty quickly.

    I've still got my original xbox headsets. I've enever used them. I went straight to an after market one instead.

    Looks just like the original 360 headset *shrug*

    Requires to be stapled to your skull and will only work with original Xbox One.

    In the event device breaks you much purchase a new console as these headsets cannot be purchased seperately.

    Is it always connected, and can I share it with my family?

    That looks so uncomfortable. Why do headsets still have wires when everything else is wireless.
    Look i've got this awesome wireless controller, except now it's attached to my head.

    I wonder if this will work

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