Why You Should Play State Of Decay

Between DayZ, ZombieU, Left 4 Dead 2 and The Walking Dead, I thought I was burnt out on zombie games. Well, it turns out I was wrong.

In the video above I quickly show you around the world of State of Decay, the open-world zombie game released yesterday for XBLA that's been slowly winning me over. It's a little wonky at times but it's also ambitious, fun and tries a lot more than I'd expect from a downloadable arcade title.


    Does anyone know if this is being released in Australia?

      It most certainly is (should be next patch whenever that is). There is plenty of information of a work around using American accounts, but thats only for the ones with the biggest nerd boner over it. I personally am waiting for a PC release

      Apparently it is, they're waiting on classification. If you can't wait the current option is to make a US account. Buy US points online (roughly $20 for 1600 at playasia) and purchase it that way.

        Ends up being cheaper then buying it on the australian marketplace

      I'd planned to play it all long weekend as it's a holiday in Melbourne this Monday.

      Now I'm saying Stuff MS and XBLA they've let me down yet again, I'll just wait for it on Steam!

        It isn't MS or XBLA that let you down, its the Australian Classification Board that has been slow in rating it that is the problem. It was all set for release here at the same time, but the ACB didn't get their act together and are still taking their sweet time in allowing it to be released

    Would if it were available in AUSTRALIA!!!

    Been playing since thursday its a great game, personally I think microsoft could of gone bigger with it gave it a bigger budget made it retail and put in co op

      if the game is successful (looking that way) the developers have always said the next version will be Massively multiplayer (on the xbox) - i don't think microsoft would have developed this title (no stupid kinect features)

    Just waiting on them to complete the PC version. :)

    Everyone's blaming the CB for the delay, but the fact is the publishers waited until the last second to submit the game for a rating. Of course they won't admit that. The CB hasn't delayed anything, its not uncommon for games to take time to be rated. We have an R rating now, so settle down. MK9 was passed and so were a whole host of MORE VIOLENT GAMES!

    Blame the publisher, not the CB for once.

      It is the fault of our Ratings board, the game was submitted several weeks ago only to have the Board turn around 2 days out from launch and ask for more footage. So the board seems unable to rate a game the rest of the world had no trouble rating without additional footage.

      Its not like the ACB is completely flooded with things to do... heck, its Australia. If they cannot handle the load then they should do something about it. The rest of the world didn't have a problem with rating it in the same time frame as everyone else, so how can it NOT be the ACB at fault?

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