Here's Your First In-Depth Look At The New Batman TV Show

It was announced months ago, but all that we’ve seen from Beware the Batman — the new CG series featuring the Dark Knight — has been the tiniest of teasers. This new trailer shows a bit more of the show’s version of Bruce Wayne and his Bat-themed vehicles and gadgets.

I can see Professor Pyg from the Grant Morrison run of Batman & Robin and 1990s villain Anarky. Beware the Batman starts airing on Saturday, July 13. What do you like about the clip?

[Via USA Today]


    Erm... yeh... ok. Looks...ugly?

      Indeed, I've seen better looking cartoon video games.

      Now I'm not usually one for watching western animated shows (Like the clone wars ones), but at least i give them a try. This just turns me off so completely, its as if it was churned out to meet a deadline, there is no love in it and its fugly.

    It looks like that Green Lantern series(that was actually enjoying before it's cancellation) but uglier... What is wrong with Batman's face?

    Looks meh. Though I was a bit lukewarm when I started watching Green Lantern and ended up liking it, so maybe this will be decent too. Still, I'd prefer a third season of Young Justice.

      Season one of young justice was amazing!!!

        Season 2 was pretty good as well, and the way that ended D:

    I feel like I should be pressing buttons in a series of Quick Time Events

    ergh I don't like that art style at all :s

    prefer young justice and brave and the bold (which is actually a pretty good show believe it or not)

    Last edited 20/06/13 6:46 pm

    I thought this was a Live action series from the thumbnail...

    Was looking forward to this but I'm not so much now. Seriously disappointing trailer. What was wrong with The Brave and the Bold?

    Love the artstyle, the trailer was pretty boring though.

    Looks better then Brave and the bold (Brave and the bold to me portrayed Batman as biggest/bested hero above all on planet earth / other dimension and space, was just ..... too stupid)

      BB was the most accurate portrayal :P

    Aesthetic is kind of ugly, lots of second rate villains, Anarky as the leader of said villains (he was always cool as an anti-hero) - not looking forward to this one. We need young justice back.

    Not keen on the look, I think Batman's head is terrible! Maybe I just need to get used to it or something.

    I was a big fan of none of it. The animation and art looked terrible. Good thing its for kids. They're dumb they'll love this

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