Here's Your First Look At Batman: Arkham Origins' Gameplay

This clip, shown at Sony's E3 press event tonight, give viewers the first glimpse of what it'll be like to play as Batman in the upcoming game developed by Warner Bros. Montreal. Hints of some Bat-plane action, investigations and more capable enemies in the clip. And we get to hear those new actors, too.


    Looks ok. Seems like they are trying to outdo city. Hopefully they don't go overboard.
    50 000 000 thou does seem a bit overboard......

    fingers crossed

    I remain faithfully loyal to considering Arkham City as the best.

    Meh, I didn't like how tank you were in City... So hopefully there's more need for stealth.

    Looks faithful to the previous games. And the voice acting is good. Hopefully Joker is a minor character this time around

    Last edited 11/06/13 6:21 pm

    Was that Adam West's voice?!?

    It looks like they haven't changed a while lot. But that's fine, so long as it plays well, the bosses are awesome, and the level and puzzle design is good.

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