Here's Your First Look At WWE Under 2K Sports

Different publisher, same developer. 2K Sports picked up the WWE franchise from THQ during the bankrupted publisher's firesale back in Japan. The game revealed its cover art on Monday night, dropping this trailer later.

The Rock is WWE 2K14's cover star. He was announced for the cover one day before he lost to John Cena at WrestleMania XXIX (and was injured, legitimately, requiring surgery). Monday Night Raw unveiled the cover art two nights ago, which you may see in the trailer above.

WWE 2K14 comes out a little earlier than its traditional release window, this time on October 29, for PS3 and Xbox 360.


    Wow graphics look like utter sh!t. Must be the wii version we just witnessed.


    Still a major focus on the Attitude era I see. Don't get me wrong, I grew up on Stone Cold, The Rock, Mankind and the rest, but isn't it time to move on from this time of wrestling?

      For most people that grew up through the 90's love the Attitude Era. You have to remember that the Monday Night Wars (WWE vs WCW) had some of the highest ratings on TV at the time (I can remember Mankind doing Rock: This Is Your Life and it got a rating of 8.4 for the quarter hour). People love the Attitude Era and they also like the Ruthless Agression era as well (2002-2008) but they don't like the PG era now

    well I'm not too surprised but the gameplay footage looks. . . damn near exactly the same as last years. This being the last game developed by Yukes originally under THQ it was kinda expected. . . it'll be interesting to see what happens with the next installment which will have 2K in control from the beginning and could very well have a new developer at the helm as well. . .

      From what I read is that Yukes (who has developed every WWE game from WWE Smackdown! to WWE '13) is still going to lead development for WWE games but Visual Concepts (2K's the in-house development team for the 2K Sports stuff) will be assisting from here on. Yuke's has developed the game well for many years but suffered from some bugs and had the worse online issues known to man (well that was more THQ's fault)...

      It's a smart move for 2K to retain Yukes as the primary developer (since they have been developing wrestling games for years and they have a majority ownership in New Japan Pro Wrestling), some of the THQ staff that were soley working on WWE games and now Visual Concepts is the secondary devleoper to iron out the bugs, do the online codes and so on and then pretty much go back to Yukes and change this.

      From what I read...THQ had too much say in development of the WWE games (if you see what Yukes can do on their own with very little publisher involvement look at UFC Undisputed 3)...Visual Concepts may do the same but will have to wait and see

      WWE 2K14 might be a alright game (I can't see the video as it's blocked at work) but I guess this game is more about get it out there and start working on 2K15 with Visual Concepts helping out from day 1

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